What to do if stomach hurts during menstruation?

Что делать, если болит живот при месячных?The phenomenon of painful menstrual flow known to many women. However, not all ladies give it a meaning, preferring to relieve the pain by taking antispasmodics. Let’s look more closely at this phenomenon and discuss in detail what to do a young girl, if monthly pain in my lower abdomen.

What may experience painful periods?

Before implementing any action, the physicians were asked to determine the cause of this phenomenon. Yourself the woman to make it virtually impossible. So the only sure way out is an appeal to the gynecologist for advice. The most common cause of pain during menstruation is a physiological feature of this process.

The thing is that during menstruation there is an increase of concentration in the woman’s body prostaglandin. This biological substance enhances contractility of the walls of blood vessels located in the reproductive organ such as the uterus. The result is spasm not only of the vessels, and smooth muscles of the uterus, resulting in the strengthening of the contractile activity of this body. In fact, this phenomenon leads to the appearance of pain in the lower third of the stomach.

What to do when at the monthly real pain and what to drink?

The answer to this question is of interest to many women. In most such situations the reception spasmodic drugs (no-Spa, Papaverine, Spazmalgon), does not solve this situation fully, and after a short time the pain reappears.

The outcome of this situation may be the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, examples of which can be Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Ketoprofen. However, before using them better to consult a doctor.

But not always the cause of pain during critical days is the increase in blood concentrations of prostaglandin. In order to try to fix them yourself and get rid of the unpleasant concomitant phenomena, for the woman to observe the following rules:

  • The intake of vitamin E these days in a dosage of 300 mg per day will not only reduce soreness in the lower abdomen, but will also prevent the appearance of pain in the mammary glands, during menstruation is also not uncommon.
  • To reduce uterine tone doctors recommend to eat more magnesium, as in the complexes of vitamins and with food. A lot of this trace mineral is contained in the following products: eggs, milk, green vegetables, fish.
  • To reduce the swelling that often occur during the menstruation, you need to consume more potassium.
  • Not be amiss during the menstrual bleeding to take the b vitamins, in particular B6. It was he, acting on oestrogen, leading to normalization of hormonal background.
  • Speaking about what does a woman do if during the process of menstruation stomach hurts, you need to mention about the need to increase physical activity in these days. Что делать, если болит живот при месячных?It is sufficient to perform one simple exercise stretching: take a blanket, you can download it on the roller and lie on it so that it is aligned along the spinal column. Bend your legs at the knees and spread them apart so that the feet are connected. This exercise helps stretch the muscles of the hips, which in turn has a reflex influence on the segment of the spinal cord, which leads to irritation of the uterus.

Thus, to know that you can drink if stomach ache during menstruation, a woman is better to consult a doctor. The fact that such symptoms may be a manifestation of gynecological disorders, which, in turn, requires very different drugs.

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