How not to have sex after the abortion?

Сколько нельзя заниматься сексом после аборта?Question on how not to have sex after a recent abortion, is often heard from the lips of women who want to resume sexual activity. Unequivocally to answer it it is impossible in view of certain peculiarities of the recovery period, which in turn directly depends on method of abortion. Consider this question in detail.

How not to have sex after a medical abortion?

Although this method of pregnancy termination is more gentle and does not involve surgical operation in the reproductive system of women after medical abortion, the period of abstinence is mandatory.

Speaking about how many time you cannot have sex after that abortion, doctors usually called a period of not less than 3 weeks. However, gynecologists strongly recommend that pregnant women should postpone the resumption of sexual relations at least until the end of the menstrual flow (the ideal option would be the resumption of intimate relations after 14 days after menstruation).

Such fears of doctors caused in the first place, a long recovery period. For full recovery uterine endometrium, which is injured during the abortion, you need 4-6 weeks. If sex will take place earlier this term, the probability of development of infectious and inflammatory processes, because it is impossible to completely eliminate the ingress of pathogenic organisms into the uterus.

How not to have sex after vacuum (mini) abortion?

When answering this question gynecologists called the same as that of the first type of abortion discussed above, i.e. not earlier than in 4-6 weeks. However, it is necessary to say Сколько нельзя заниматься сексом после аборта?that the recovery period after such an abortion is slightly longer in view of the fact that the degree of traumatization of the endometrium much more.

In addition, when conducting this type of abortion, mandatory before resuming sexual relations, the woman should address to the gynecologist for inspection. Only after the doctor confirms that the unrestored sections of uterine tissues is not detected, you can go back to a regular sex life.

Thus it should be noted that in order to determine exactly how many days not to have sex after an abortion, the woman must apply to the gynecologist for inspection.

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