Abortifacient herbs

Абортивные травыAbortifacient herbs are those herbs, after the use of decoctions of which occurs a miscarriage. It should be noted that to apply them yourself is dangerous to women’s health, which after carrying out such an abortion, in some cases, no longer be able to have children.

Some abortifacient herbs can be used for abortion?

Primarily among these plants it is necessary to name those that contain alkaloids. These include betony excavation, knotweed, Lobelia, autumn Crocus, Mandrake. These abortifacient herbs can be used in the early period (up to 16 weeks). They all contribute to the frequency and intensity of uterine contractions resulting in expulsion of fetus from the uterus. It should be noted that these plants are dangerous and can cause severe intoxication. Because if used improperly they can cause problems and the women, including death.

The strong abortifacient herbs also include those plants which contain essential oils. Among them can be called a tansy, rosemary, sage. The mechanism of their action is based on suppression of nervous system of the fetus, which eventually leads to miscarriage.

Among abortive herbs separately, you should name a Bay leaf, which women often use to conduct the abortion.

There are also such plants, which, when adopted, change the level of estrogen in pregnant. These properties have herbs such as red clover, oregano.

Some abortifacient herbs can be used in the later period?

In such cases, can be applied to plants that have a hemostatic effect. They lead to an increase in uterine tone, and thus cause the expulsion of the fetus out. An example of such plants can be barberry. When abortion is most often used alcohol tincture of its roots.

It is worth noting that such actions are a great danger to the body of the woman.Абортивные травы Moreover, the termination of pregnancy in this way for a longer time ineffective. However, this method may be applied up to 28 weeks.

Such action has such an abortifacient herb, the elecampane, used for pregnancy termination.

What are the dangers of carrying out abortion in this way?

In most cases, using these herbs is not 100% guarantee that pregnancy is aborted completely. Often can be that the death of the fetus occurs outside the uterus but not cast out. In this case, the woman must apply to a doctor who will examine you and if necessary will carry out the cleaning of the uterine cavity.

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