Cystitis — psychosomatic medicine

Цистит - психосоматика

Cystitis is often diagnosed in women, and sometimes men. This disease is of an inflammatory nature arising in the urinary bladder. It is characterized by painful and frequent urination. Doctors believe that illness usually is caused by infections, hypothermia. But apart from physiological, psychosomatic causes of cystitis. In any case the disease requires treatment, but it is necessary to eliminate the psychological factors that led to the violations.


Psychosomatic medicine cystitis

Psychological factors, at first glance, are not related to disease of the bladder. But actually, a person’s worldview profoundly affects his health. Urination is a process that is controlled by the nervous system. Because problems with it can affect the health of the bladder.

Psychosomatic cystitis is not uncommon in women. After all, they have emotions and physiology are inextricably linked. Both areas are regulated by hormonal background, which has its influence on immunity. Any imbalance in the body can lead to a crash.

Psychosomatics cystitis, its causes have their own nature. The emergence of illness may contribute to such psychological factors:

  • fear of any change, for example, when a person is afraid to change jobs, place of residence;
  • the permanent contraction of any emotions, stay inside them;
  • if the anger comes to the person often enough, eventually you encounter urinary tract infections;
  • constant anxiety leads to chronic cystitis;
  • conflicts of a sexual nature, especially when they last for a long time.

In women the disease can occur during the beginning of their marriage, on the honeymoon. This is due to the surge of new emotions, fear, feelings. Young wives may be very anxious about his new role. Some worried about whether to do the job, within them raging emotions.

Цистит - психосоматика

Cystitis with blood also can be attributed to psychosomatic. Although most often it is caused by viruses. The main role is played by the adenovirus. It leads to severe course of the disease.

When symptoms of illness should consult a doctor. He will do an exam and identify the true cause, which will depend on the treatment. Sometimes you may need treatment in hospital.

However, you should pay attention to your mental attitude. You need to learn to monitor your thoughts. It is important to have a positive attitude, get rid of negative emotions. It’s not easy work, but it can help to get rid of numerous health problems.

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