Cystitis with blood in the end of urination

Цистит с кровью в конце мочеиспусканияA distinctive feature of the acute form of diseases such as cystitis, is the urine with the blood that is observed at the end of each urination. Let’s take a closer look at this disease and tell you about what to take and how to treat cystitis in which the urine is excreted in the blood.

Why cystitis can be blood in the urine?

Before considering the therapeutic process in this disease, try to understand where in cystitis the urine is taken into the blood.

In such cases, the reason for the development of Patrology can be both micro-organisms and viruses, among which the most often when determining the type of pathogen detected adenovirus. As a rule, in the urinary tract it enters the blood, and is often found in girls.

However, hemorrhagic cystitis may develop because of the presence of the urogenital system in women, pathogenic bacteria, in particular Escherichia coli.

If you talk about why there is blood in the urine in cystitis, in the majority this phenomenon is caused by disruption of the mucosa lining the bladder from the inside. As a result, in the last portions of urine, almost every time urinating, a woman notes the appearance of small amounts of blood. This fact, as a rule, and troubling the girls, forcing them to go to the doctor.

Also worth noting that for this kind of violation, the walls of blood vessels become easy to infiltrate, resulting in through them seep red blood cells, which ultimately fall into the urine.

What are the causes of cystitis with blood in women?

In most cases, the development of such disorders contribute to factors such as:

  • failure to comply with the rules of intimate hygiene;
  • hypothermia;
  • the prolonged absence of urination;
  • violation of hormonal background;
  • pregnancy;
  • infection of the genitals;
  • operations on the cervix and urinary ducts in the past.

How is diagnosis of the disease?

Quite often when the first symptoms of cystitis with blood, the girl just doesn’t know what to do, and is at a complete loss. The only solution in this situation is seek medical advice and physician.

Usually, generation of the diagnosis of «hemorrhagic cystitis», are assigned:

  • the General analysis of urine;
  • General analysis of blood;
  • Ultrasound of the bladder;
  • a sample for bacteria from the urethra (for establishment of the pathogen).

How is the illness treated?

Cystitis with blood in the end of urination requires immediate treatment. Therapy of disease, usually performed in a hospital environment.

Almost always when such a violation, the woman is prescribed bed rest and drinking plenty of fluids, which is necessary for swift removal of the secretory system of the pathogen.

Цистит с кровью в конце мочеиспусканияMedical treatment for this disease depends entirely on the type of the agent. So, in bacterial cystitis is antibiotics, but in viral form — anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent.

In the complex treatment often used decoctions of herbs such as yarrow, horsetail, cranberry leaf, bearberry.

When blockage of the urinary channel, which is possible with cystitis with blood, first aid is in the hospital, and involves surgical intervention to restore patency.

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