What doctor to go with the cystitis?

К какому врачу идти с циститом?

Under this kind of violation in science to understand inflammatory process in the bladder. The main symptoms of depression is frequent, painful urination, gives a woman great discomfort.

The incidence of disease in females is caused, first of all, the structural features of the urinary system. Thus, the urethra in women is several times shorter than the men’s. Therefore, the probability of penetration into the bladder different causative agents (pathogenic microorganisms) is much higher than men.

To what doctor it is necessary to refer a woman with cystitis?

Quite often the neglect of such violation is due to the fact that the diseased woman has no idea what kind of doctor treats cystitis. Often in such cases, the main adviser of the girl to treat the symptoms of the disease is the Internet.

The doctor who treats cystitis, urology, and women a similar question and was often done by a gynecologist. Most, however, faced with such a problem girls, the first point of contact to the gynecologist.

For a full explanation of the reasons that led to the development of the infraction, the woman appointed by such researches as urinalysis, ultrasound of the bladder, urine analysis according to Nechyporenko, cystoscopy investigation. Only after the establishment of the pathogen or causes of cystitis, the doctor prescribes the necessary treatment. Usually it involves the administration of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, along with physiological procedures.

К какому врачу идти с циститом?What doctor to go with the cystitis in a child?

If you talk about what kind of doctor treats cystitis in children, as a rule, this kind of disease has been a doctor-a pediatrician. Often inflammation of the bladder in children is a consequence of hypothermia, which contributes to the development of the inflammatory process and subsequently in the accession of pathogenic microorganisms. Also the cause of cystitis in young girls may be the poor hygiene of the external genitalia.

As for the success of the treatment in cystitis, it primarily depends on the timing of the start of the therapeutic process.

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