After sex sore vagina

После секса болит влагалищеThe question as to why after sex sore vagina, gynaecologists often hear during the reception. Actually, the reasons for this may be many. Try to highlight the most common of them.

Why after sex sore vagina?

In cases where pain after sexual intercourse occur only on one side of the abdomen, it can be assumed that violation as an ovarian cyst. This disease is characterized by appearance of lesions and is often accompanied by pain during menstruation. In cases where the cyst is of functional origin, often it is disappears on its own. As a result, after 2-3 menstrual cycles, the vagina no longer hurts after sex.

The most common reason for pain in the vaginal area after having sex are sexually transmitted diseases and inflammatory processes in the organs of the reproductive system. Among such violations, it is necessary to distinguish syphilis, gonorrhea.

Also worth noting is that often, pain in vagina after sex can be caused by cervicitis. The pain is caused by the contact of the penis with the neck deep in the man’s sexual organ.

In the case of women after sex sore vagina, it can speak about the phenomenon of adhesions in the reproductive organs. Upon such a violation, the actual sexual partner of the woman suggests that the introduction of the penis him something stirs, as if there is some sort of obstacle.

In some cases, the pain after intercourse in the vaginal area can be due to inadequate lubrication of the female organ. Thus, together with the pain women often noted the appearance of redness themselves of the vaginal walls, they become bright red.

What if after sex sore vagina?

После секса болит влагалищеWhen such symptoms should not torment himself with guesses, and as soon as possible to go to the doctor. In fact, as can be seen from the above, reasons for such phenomena can be many.

In order to temporarily alleviate their suffering, the woman, before turning to the doctor, can take antispasmodic or pain-relief medication, such as no-Spa, Papaverin, Analgin. However, to delay the visit to the doctor is not necessary, because the sooner the cause is identified, the faster the treatment will be prescribed, after which, the woman will forget about such an unpleasant phenomenon as pain in the vagina after intercourse.

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