Narrow vagina

Узкое влагалищеThis kind of phenomenon as narrow vagina, is fairly common in gynecological practice. In most cases, women themselves go to the doctor so that they have some problems with sexual partner. Moreover, some girls, due to the narrow entrance of the vagina, can not lose their virginity. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon and describe the methods of correction of such violation.

What the vagina may be narrow?

It should be noted that in most such situations the cause of the violation is a feature of the development of reproductive system.

As is known, the size of genitals is strictly individual. The average width of the vagina in its normal state is 2-3 fingers. During sexual intercourse and during the birth process, this parameter is the reproductive organ of the woman can grow to 3-5 cm in the first case and to the size of the head of the fetus during childbirth in a second.

Doctors who have studied this phenomenon and came to the unequivocal conclusion that would allow to identify the pattern, what may be a narrow vagina. However, it can be argued that the most often this violation is seen in thin women who have problems with the hormonal system of the body.

It is also worth noting that such a phenomenon can wear purchased, i.e. up to a certain point the woman mentioned the normal size of the reproductive organ. In such cases, an explanation of why the vagina was narrow, can be:

  • episiotomy conducted after delivery;
  • surgical operations on the genitals;

In such situations, the suturing of the vaginal walls is inevitable. It was after this manipulation can be some contraction of the reproductive organ.

What if the girl has a very narrow vagina?

In most such situations, women are shy to consult a doctor and look for ways to address this issue on their own forums and sites. Most of these forms of media offer to solve the problem with the help of different devices that supposedly stretch the vagina.

Actually, change the width of this body in such a way is unlikely. To help a woman in such a situation is possible only by surgical methods.

In cases where the woman is celebrated narrow vagina after the recent birth, before any correction, doctors recommend that you wait until the end of the recovery period. After the tissue is fully regenerated, the joints will be tightened with scar tissue, the doctor will perform re-inspection and, if necessary, conducts a vaginoplasty. In practice this happens quite rarely.

Thus, we can say that before going to the gynecologist, if a woman has a very narrow vagina, it is necessary to exclude the so-called psychological factor. Узкое влагалищеIn fact quite often there is such situation when in fact it turns out that the genital organ is of normal size, just a woman thinks that her sexual partner does not feel proper satisfaction from their training with her love. After the result of the examination, the gynecologist notes that the girl is the size of the vagina are completely normal, some complexes and insecurities in intimate terms disappears. Therefore, if a woman is really concerned about this problem and she thinks that her genitals are somewhat small size, it is best to consult with your doctor on this issue, which will confirm or reject assumptions.

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