Big vagina

Большое влагалищеDo some women have such «problem», like a big vagina. Actually this phenomenon is difficult to call the deviation, since the size of the genitals of both women and men is strictly individual. Let’s look at this situation in more detail, describing the average size of a woman’s vagina and about the factors that can affect such parameters as width and length.

What sizes is supposed to have a vagina?

As mentioned above, this option is strictly individual, so it is very difficult to give exact figures. In General, when characterizing a woman’s vagina, doctors say about the size, 7-9 cm long and 3-5 cm wide.

However, it is worth noting that such indicators is the female reproductive organ in the ground state. So during intercourse the vagina usually increases in length by 5-7 cm and is fully consistent with the sizes entered in his penis.

Why the vagina becomes big?

Often during the reception gynecologists hear from women the question, why can change the size of the vagina.

So, first of all, it should be noted that the parameters of this body absolutely does not depend on the frequency of sexual contacts, and whether a woman births in the past or not. Normally after the last of the generic process, the uterus, and together with it and the muscles of the vagina, after a short time return to its old state. However, problems may occur with the muscle fibers, which are located in the pelvis.

This fact and explains that in women after childbirth big vagina. Actually, this phenomenon in itself is not a violation. However, it can precipitate other complications, which may be incontinence.

What if the woman has a large vagina?

Primarily concerns women associated with this problem relate to sexuality. Actually, the size of the vagina in such cases may be corrected by suturing it to the muscle fibers. However, in most situations of such events is not required.

Where large experiences among women about very big vagina must be linked with the above mentioned disturbance – urinary incontinence. In such cases, doctors advise to carry out training of pelvic floor muscles. For this, doctors recommend Kegel exercises.

They are based on the contraction of those muscle fibers that are directly responsible for the termination of the process of urination. In order to define them, for the woman when going to the toilet to pay attention to what muscles it is usually annoying at the end of urination. It is these anatomical structures in need of training. In order to increase their contractile activity, you need at least 30-40 times, 3 times a day to contract and relax them.

Also women with a large vagina can be assigned, and drugs that promote muscle contraction in the perineum.Большое влагалище

Special attention to girls with big vagina should be paid to the selection of poses during intercourse. In order to increase the feeling of the sexual partner, women sexologists recommend to put under the butt cushion. Also ideal next position: the girl lies on her back, legs raised and crossed.

Thus, as can be seen from this article, very big vagina cannot be called any deviation from the norm. Usually, in such situations, the woman knows about the features of their genitals and should consider this when sex. In addition, we should not forget about training of the muscles of the vagina with the help of the above exercises.

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