Symptoms of ovulation

Симптомы овуляцииTo know when is the best time for insemination, woman wants for two reasons – to become a mother or to avoid unwanted pregnancy. To track this rush hour, or ovulation, you need to apply multiple aggregate methods, which will give the necessary information.

What is ovulation?

Young girls are often not familiar with medical terminology and have a vague idea of invisible processes happening in their body. But to control their own childbearing experiences, each young woman should know what role ovulation and its symptoms play in life in General.

Basically the release of an egg from the ovary for fertilization, occurs once a month about 14 days from start of menstrual cycle. Two days before and two days after, and together 5 days are critical – that is, at this time the highest likelihood of becoming pregnant. For those who are planning a child this long-awaited day, and to those whom childbearing is not interested, you should avoid sex or use protection.

Symptoms of ovulation in women

As there are no two identical people on Earth and the symptoms of ovulation every woman has her own. They can present almost all, or not appear at all. During childbearing years it might change.

What are the symptoms of ovulation in women should pay attention to not get down need to fertilize the time, wants to know any girl.

The pain in my side

Most women feel the moment of ovulation, which is accompanied by unpleasant feeling in the abdomen from the side. Every month the pain is localized right and left, because the egg is released from each ovary alternately. Very rarely it happens that two of ovulation in one cycle and then the symptoms will be soreness of the abdomen from two sides, but not simultaneously, and with an interval from 2 to 12 hours.

Of course, this is a subjective feeling and it is easy to confuse with problems in the gut or even the Appendix. Because, just watching your body for several months, it is possible to understand whether the pain to ovulation or not.

In some women, the intensity of the pain in my side is so strong that to ignore it is simply impossible, she does not let go for several hours and is accompanied by other symptoms.

Nausea and dizziness

Simultaneously with the abdominal pain a woman can feel sick all day for no good reason, and weakness with dizziness — frequent companions of this nausea. If the girl is not suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, it is most likely this situation will be the likely symptoms of ovulation.

The change of basal body temperature

One of the most accurate ways to determine ovulation is the basal body temperature. But the first time to do this will not be easy. You will need to devote to this responsibility at least three months to notice the slightest changes in the chart.

In order to correctly measure the basal temperature should do it in the morning after waking up, not even getting out of bed. To measure follows a normal thermometer rectally or in the mouth. Readings in these places different from our usual 36,6°C and approximately 37°C.

Symptoms of ovulation before and after different. The temperature day-to-day changes smoothly. After the end of menstruation, that is, in the first phase of the cycle it is gradually decreasing, and then there is a sharp jump (from 37,0°C to 37.4°C) is necessary day for fertilization. If it happened, the temperature will be kept at the same fairly high level, and if not, then gradually falls to normal values.

Test strips

Unlike pregnancy tests that measure the amount of HCG hormone in the urine, ovulation strips looking for the presence of luteinizing hormone. It is his rise testifies to the coming of ovulation. This is a very expensive method, but for the precise determination of time of conception is great, together with the methods mentioned above.Симптомы овуляции

Breast tenderness and secretions

To uncommon symptoms of ovulation may include breast tenderness before ovulation. But this symptom can talk about the hormonal problems and mastitis.

Also, not all are able to distinguish on the kind of cervical mucus at the time of ovulation and at other times. In the critical period, it increases in volume and becomes like raw egg white – clear, stretchy and sticky. But note that such situation is possible and because of sexual stimulation any day of the cycle and in various diseases.

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