Marginal previa chorion — 12 weeks

Краевое предлежание хориона - 12 недельWhen conducting an ultrasound at 12 weeks, the woman may hear from the doctor about marginal previa chorion. Although most moms have no idea about what this term could mean, panic mode after this ultrasound examination can be observed quite often. Let’s try to understand: what does it mean marginal previa chorion, and the danger is this arrangement of the outer shell of the embryo.

What is meant by the term «marginal previa»?

First we need to say that this is the location of the chorion, from which later forms the placenta, is a form of partial previa. In such cases, there is a slight overlap of the uterine OS. This channel covers the cervix no more than 30%.

When conducting an ultrasound, the doctors say that the chorion its lower edge only slightly covers up the entrance to the uterus.

What are the dangers of marginal previa chorion?

In the diagnosis of this disorders doctors take pregnant under control. The fact that such an arrangement of the chorion increases the risk of uterine bleeding, which in turn may lead to complete interruption of the period of gestation.

However, it should be said about the phenomenon of migration of the placenta, i.e. change its location during gestation. This process occurs quite slowly and ends around 32-35 weeks. Thus there is no movement of the placenta, and displacement of the subject of the myometrium. According to statistics, about 95% of cases low location of the placenta is migration.

Thus, we can say that this presentation of the chorion during pregnancy, as the boundary, should not cause the expectant mother stress and anxiety. In most cases, the process of gestation takes place without complications. From the same pregnant woman requires only strict adherence to the advice and instructions of your doctor.

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