Blood group of the child

Группа крови у ребенкаWhat blood group the child inherits from the parents? This is not an idle interest, but rather important information. Because blood type is an indicator of personality. But, when talking about the future baby, it is possible to speak only about probability and percentage ratios.

How to know the blood group of the child?

Mr. Landsteiner — scientist who studied the structure of red blood cells, were able to establish that each individual on the membrane of red blood cells are present, so-called antigens: any antigen type And (II blood group) antigen or the type In (III group of blood). Then Landsteiner discovered and the tissues in which these antigens are absent (I blood group). A little later his followers revealed the erythrocytes which were present at the same time A and b markers (IV blood group). The results of the present study was based system AV0 and formulated the basic laws of inheritance of blood groups and other traits from parents to children.

As a rule, to know the blood group of the child with one hundred percent accuracy is possible only after the birth and surrender of the relevant analysis. But, as this process of inheritance is subjected to the mentioned laws, even before the child can do well-founded assumptions.

So, how to determine the blood group of the child? The most likely combination:

  • Parents whose antigens are absent, there’s mum and dad with the I blood group, will definitely give birth to the baby only with I blood group.
  • The couple with the I and II blood group the chances of having a baby with the I and II blood group identical. Similar situation with the couple I and III group.
  • As a rule, in advance to determine the blood type of a child, one of whose parents is a carrier of both antigens, is not easy. In this case, you can exclude only the first group of blood.
  • However, the most unpredictable pair are still considered husband and wife with III and II blood group – their kids can inherit any combination.

So, we found out whose blood group is passed to the child, but rather understand the basic principles of these simple genetic combinations. Now let’s talk about the RH factor, which is inherited as a dominant trait. Definitely RH negative, the heir can only be in a family where both parents are «negative». The «positive» of the spouses the probability of the birth of a rhesus-negative baby is 25%. In other cases, the result can be any.

Группа крови у ребенка

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