Diastasis of the abdominal muscles

Диастаз прямых мышц животаAfter the birth of the baby, many moms are seeking to get in shape. This is a normal desire for women, but not always, hopes are justified within the expected deadlines. Some are concerned that belly and bounces back. Despite everything, he remains a little wild. Often the cause of this problem after delivery is diastasis of the rectus abdominis, because it is useful to know how to identify it and that will help to deal with this nuisance. Young mothers do not need to panic, having learned of the breach — doctors know it very well.

Signs of diastasis recti

This problem is most common after childbirth, especially for those mothers who underwent cesarean section. But the diastasis may also occur in nulliparous due to obesity. Sometimes this pathology is diagnosed and men.

The disease is a abdominal rectus muscle relative to the white line. Sometimes it is expressed only visually. This applies mostly to young girls. They note only a cosmetic defect, which in this case is not concerned. But in some cases the disease makes itself known. Therefore it is useful to know its features:

  • walking causes difficulties;
  • appears heaviness in the abdomen;
  • marked constipation, belching;
  • pain sticking out his tummy.

Severe discomfort usually occurs after physical exertion, sports. In serious situations it is possible omission of internal organs.

In cases of suspected pathology can conduct a home test:

  • First you need to lie on your back. Legs should be bent at the knees, feet stand on the floor.
  • One hand should be put under the head. The second should be placed on the abdomen. Her fingers should rest on the navel perpendicular to a white line.
  • Now we need to relax and begin to press on the abdominal wall.
  • Next, you need to lift the upper torso. With this finger you should feel the muscles. In their motion to fix, how many fingers is between them and how deep.

If the difference is still determined, you should visit the doctor. He will be able to clarify the diagnosis. And also tell how to remove the diastasis recti, what are the ways of treatment. Their choice will depend on the extent of the disease.

Treatment of diastasis

There are different methods of getting rid of the problem. If it is at an early stage, the doctor recommends non-surgical methods.

If a woman wants another child, it is especially important to solve the problem. For a new pregnancy the diastasis recti will only intensify. This can lead to back problems. In addition, pathology interferes with the labors. Hence, the course delivery may be compromised.
Exercise therapy for diastasis recti can help in situations unstarted. Exercise should choose the instructor, as incorrectly selected complex can exacerbate the problem. Well helps, if you regularly suck in the tummy for 30 seconds. This should be done several times. It is possible to perform at home.

You should pay attention to Pilates. There is no shock. And is suitable for those who have back problems. Also, if diastasis of the abdominal muscles helps to massage and wearing a brace.

Диастаз прямых мышц животаAll of these methods are ineffective for large discrepancies. Then recommended surgery. The procedure can be performed by endoscopic means or through an incision. The choice of method depends on several factors. For example, when the diastasis recti surgery through an incision will be carried out in case the pathology is accompanied by a hernia. Strong differences are also correct that way.

In uncomplicated situations, the repair of diastasis recti is carried out endoscopically. Manipulations are performed under General anesthesia. The procedure itself lasts up to 2 hours.

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