Exercises for diastasis recti

Упражнения при диастазе прямых мышц животаTo regain slenderness after childbirth sometimes not so easy, especially if you are faced with this problem, as the diastase. It is important to note that this condition is not just unsightly spectacle, but also a certain threat to women’s health. But, do not hurry to be upset — to get rid of the «round belly» quite possibly with the help of simple exercise.

As a rule, the problem of diastasis face the newly made mothers by strenuous exercise and diets are trying to regain their figure. But, if we act according to the traditional scheme, we can obtain the result opposite to the expected. Today we talk about how all the same to remove the diastasis recti and give you a set of exercises, with regular execution of which on round the tummy can be forgotten.

How to fix diastasis recti?

The bulge on the tummy «makes» the girls desperately rock press, push-UPS, perform the leg raises and the body from a prone position, but these exercises are contraindicated for ladies with this problem, as they only exacerbate the situation. Here is a sample set of exercises that must be performed when the diastasis recti:

  • To start, you can exercise with a simple pulsating movements. You need to pull the belly in, and then slowly relax the muscles. The day you need to perform about 100 of these pulsations, for 4-5 passes.
  • Effective for diastasis popular among pregnant women exercise «Cat». You need to be on all fours, arch your back arch and stomach in. Then you need to bend the back, keeping the stomach sucked.

Упражнения при диастазе прямых мышц живота

  • The following exercise helps to strengthen the press. In the initial position lying down need to bend your knees, keeping your feet parallel to each other. While exhaling raise the buttocks and suck in your tummy. Then exhale and return to starting position.

Упражнения при диастазе прямых мышц живота

  • Retaining the original position, you can perform another exercise. On the exhale raise your head and press your chin to your chest, stomach, then return to the starting position.

Упражнения при диастазе прямых мышц живота

  • Continuing the exercise, you can perform the following exercise. Again, you need to take a starting position lying down, then turn your head to one side and bent knees in the opposite direction, keeping the stomach sucked. Then it is necessary to repeat the exercise in the mirror.

Упражнения при диастазе прямых мышц живота

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