Swelling after cesarean section

Отеки после кесарева сеченияSometimes newly mother after a caesarean section face the problem of edema. Such a phenomenon typically indicates the presence of the violation. To the woman to decide this is swelling or not enough thumb pressure on the skin of the foot in the region of the tibia. If after that, there was a hole that 5 seconds does not disappear, so there is a swelling.

What swelling?

Women often ask, why after cesarean section swollen legs, and what causes this phenomenon? These in most cases include:

  • varicose veins;
  • protein malnutrition;
  • diseases of the heart and excretory systems;
  • disorders of the endocrine system.

What to do with the appearance of edema after cesarean section?

The only solution in such situations is to ask for medical advice. It is very important to correctly identify the root cause of this violation.

For diagnosis we start treatment of leg edema that occur after cesarean section.

Drug therapy in such cases includes diuretics and control of the amount consumed daily by the mother liquid. It is also necessary to observe certain rules that primarily affect salt diet. In other words, the mother must not eat salt and not to abandon it.

Also helps in fighting swelling of the limbs elevated position of the feet. This woman needs 15 minutes to keep the legs so that the feet were above the entire body — lie on your back and put them under a few big pillows.

Doctors often suggest that you wear in such special situations, slimming underwear or wrap legs with elastic bandages. Thus there is increased tone of blood vessels, which ultimately leads to the reduction of swelling.

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