Is it possible kefir with breastfeeding?

Можно ли кефир при грудном вскармливании?About the benefits of fermented milk products are known to almost every woman. However, in the process of breastfeeding is often a question may arise: is it possible to drink kefir? Such fears mom caused primarily by the fact that this product contains small concentrations of alcohol. Let’s try to understand whether this can affect the baby, and whether or not to abandon such a useful, in all respects, of the product.

Can I drink kefir women with breastfeeding?

It should be said that as there are contraindications for use of this product by women who are nursing their babies feeding, no.

Despite the fact that the yogurt obtained by alcoholic fermentation, the ethanol content in it is very small. The concentration of alcohol in the first place, depends on the fat used as the basis — milk, but also on the method of preparation of the product (ratio of dairy starter cultures to the milk volume used). On average, the current concerns with dairy kefir, alcohol contains no more than 0.6%. A small increase is observed on prolonged storage.

What are the benefits of yogurt while breastfeeding?

Speaking about can I drink kefir while breastfeeding, doctors say that this product is very useful for the organism of the mother and has no effect on digestion crumbs.

Contained in this product are lactic acid bacteria positively affect the process of digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Using it daily, and mother will never have problems with the phenomenon of constipation, that after birth are not uncommon.

It is also worth noting that the composition of kefir contains vitamins such as A, b, C and e Можно ли кефир при грудном вскармливании?are Not deprived of this fermented milk product and microelements — calcium, iron, fluorine, potassium, magnesium are all present in the composition of the kefir. Moreover, these useful components are easily absorbed by the body of the mother and partially get together with breast milk in the body of the crumbs.

According to the results of the studies, dairy foods help your milk flow, which positively affects the process of lactation. In addition, a part of their composition of calcium, is beneficial to the musculoskeletal system of the baby.

Thus, considering all the above facts, the experts on breastfeeding on the question of whether to drink in this process the kefir, answer in the affirmative.

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