What sweets can a breastfeeding mom?

Какие сладости можно кормящей маме?Breastfeeding can last a year or even two, but every mother really want from time to time, something tasty and sweet. To abandon these products at all, or from time to time to allow yourself a little weakness? Of course, the second one, but it should be done wisely. What sweet can nursing moms, not to harm the baby, we now know.

Chocolate candy, pastries, cakes, cocoa

The expectant mother, wanting to know what sweets can a nursing mother certainly thinks about chocolate. It is everyone’s favorite treat, without which many cannot imagine their lives. But breastfeeding Goodies such unwanted in the diet.

Because cocoa contained in all sorts of cakes, éclairs and chocolates – a very powerful allergen, which in babies is often a reaction of rash. So until that time, until the child turns one year old with such treats is better not to experiment.

Caramel and other candies

If sweets don’t contain chocolate, it doesn’t mean that they can eat a nursing mother. Modern confectionery industry is all sorts of dyes and preservatives. Because bright colored caramel – clearly not the best choice for the nurse.

If you want to eat the candy, it is better to choose the one that is natural color with a minimum of chemistry – «Cow», «Dairy», and the like, containing the composition of condensed milk. Should carefully monitor the child’s reaction – if it is not sprinkled, not cheeks flushed, the stool is not changed, occasionally you can afford this pleasure in small quantities.Какие сладости можно кормящей маме?

What healthy sweets can nursing?

From a small range of what you can eat sweet nursing mother – marshmallows, candy, soft fruit jelly and similar products made without the use of a fusion of chemicals.

Very useful and no less delicious are the various dried fruits that excellent substitute sweets and saturate the body of the nurse with important micronutrients. If they purchased in the trading network, before use should parboil and rinse thoroughly.

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