New year’s eve menu for nursing mothers

Новогоднее меню для кормящих мамAfter the baby is born every woman who feeds her baby breast, should keep to a diet. It is sad, but this rule applies even when all around celebrate the New year and have fun at the holiday table. Therefore, when planning the treats for this holiday, have to be new year’s eve menu for nursing mothers, the dishes from which originality and taste don’t must yield to the primary table.

Menu on New year’s day for nursing mothers

To the woman who took care of the baby, did not feel slighted, for on it the table should be at least three ready-made treats: a salad or appetizer, main course and dessert.

Just want to mention that new year’s eve menu for breastfeeding moms should not contain fried, smoked, marinated and fatty foods. And also you need to take time off from pickles, chocolate, coffee, and purchase ice cream cakes, yeast products, etc.

At this time you should not rely on others, and need to listen to yourself. Eat your favorite foods that you can eat: choose your favorite lean meat or fish (except red) and bake the product in the foil or under cheese «cap». Complete with side dish of vegetables or rice and you have a real holiday.

Menu on New year’s day for lactating women should include sweets. Homemade cakes are always in great demand at festivals. Cooked fruit pie, berry or carrot on a yeast-free basis – is a guarantee of good mood and a delicious tea at the end of the holiday.

Recipes new year’s eve menu for nursing mothers

Terrine of poultry


  • Turkey breast or chicken – 250 g;
  • butter – 2 tbsp. spoon;
  • small carrot – 1 PC.;
  • waffle tartlets – 1 pack;
  • for decoration – black olives, fresh green peppers, etc.


Fillet and clean from peel carrots boil until tender. Remove from broth, cut into pieces and together with butter, salt and 3-4 tablespoons of broth in a blender to grind. With help of spoon fill the tarts and decorate with black olives, peppers, etc.

A Turkey Parmesan


  • Turkey fillet – 1 PC.;
  • protein 1 egg;
  • Parmesan cheese — 50 g;
  • salt to taste.


Wash fillet and dry with paper towel. Protein beat eggs until stiff with salt. Fillet to cover with foam of egg and roll in Parmesan shavings, put on a baking sheet and bake for 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees. Garnish served boiled or baked potatoes.



  • apples – 300 g;
  • semolina – 80 g;
  • sugar – 150 g;
  • water – 750 ml;
  • citric acid – 1 pinch.


Apples peel, cut into slices and boil in water until soft (about 15 minutes). Новогоднее меню для кормящих мамFruit take out, grind in a blender and put back in the broth, adding sugar and citric acid. Bring to a boil, stirring and add semolina. Boil for 20 minutes, remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature. Then put all in blender and whip until fluffy foam. Spread mousse in kremanki and put in the cold for 40 minutes. Serve chilled.

Designing a Christmas menu for lactating mothers, be sure to consider her wishes. It is very important that cooked meals are not only safe for the health of the baby and useful, but also desirable. Only in this case mom really can enjoy a taste of the holiday.

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