The weight of the child in 6 months

Вес ребенка в 6 месяцевAny mother wants her child was perfect. And this criterion. Someone thinks that kids should be plump, well-fed, like little Cupids from the picture. Others believe that excess weight is harmful to the baby and in every way follow the diet and gaining weight, correcting it if necessary.

There is not one table on which I look like I gained weight the child in 6 months. The world health organization recommends a slightly greater rate than the domestic Ministry of health. Many doctors turn a blind eye to the requirements of the who and work the old fashioned way. Here the averaged table for six kids:

6 months
The lower bound
The upper limit

The weight of the girl

Boy weight

What is the weight of the child in 6 months?

Parents understand that kids are not always clearly match the standards and possible deviations from the table in one direction or another. Normal, average weight baby at 6 months is considered to be approximately 7.0 pounds, but for boys and girls the numbers are slightly different.

In most cases, girls are born smaller than boys and remain to years old and longer. But there are some that are born fairly large and outstrip the growth rate of the stronger sex.

For girls the lower limit of normal will be a weight of 6.5 kg, and for boys at 400 g more is 6.9 kg. But the upper bound for the girls of 8.3 kg and 9.0 kg. of the boys who have set an even higher upper limit by almost a kilo more for boys and same for girls.

Deviations from the norm

There are times when at a reception at the pediatrician when weighing in 6 months it turns out that the child’s weight is less than normal. This may be logical, if during the previous visit to the clinic had a small background and the kid was already at the low end.

But if a child gained weight well, and then suddenly stopped gaining weight and in 6 months remained the same as in 5, this should alert parents and doctors. Such a situation can not be attributed to increased activity half-year-old baby, the problem lies much deeper:

In most cases, when the child was not gaining weight in 6 months is a serious error in the diet. That is the mother for some reason not managed to establish breastfeeding and the baby receive less nutrients, which in six months has already spent more, because the activity of the child increased.

To the weight of the child in 6 months was back to normal, you want to quickly adjust the power – to buy a more nutritious mix/ more often applied to the chest, to enter into the diet of porridge. But overfeeding a new product may be less harmful than underfeeding. In this case, it is poorly digested, and therefore almost not absorbed by the body.

If the power is fine, then you should go with the baby a comprehensive examination that includes blood and urine tests, ultrasound of internal organs, and expert advice.

Вес ребенка в 6 месяцевDuring the examination, may be detected in the gastrointestinal tract or neurological problems that cause bad weight gain. Such problems need urgent treatment, because without it can escalate and by yourself will not pass.

To the child’s weight at 6 months was average, that is, the harmonious, the mother from birth, should establish the diet of the baby, and also to teach him exercises and massage. Because, as you know health and physical development are very closely linked. Menu the mom, breastfeeding must be balanced, rich in necessary nutrients in amounts needed to meet the needs of the nurse and baby.

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