Jumpers for children

Прыгунки для детейAs we all know, toddlers are naturally very active: in three months they’re trying to turn over, in half a year to sit, and in seven or eight months to crawl and jump. To stimulate this process, manufacturers of children’s products invented lots of different toys, which, as practice shows, liking tot. Jumpers for kids can be found in many families where the child grows up, it is not only fun entertainment for kid, but also strengthen the muscular system, and the development of his vestibular apparatus.

Do baby jumpers?

Seeing the advertisement, with what pleasure little jumping in the game, many mothers and fathers considering purchasing this device. However, jumpers are not cheap, so the decision whether to buy a toy for their child or not depends on a number of factors. Before answering this question, we need to figure out what jumpers to the child and how long it will be to use them.

On the positive side, in addition to the above, we can highlight the following:

  • while jumping, scarce sees more new things, expanding your horizons;
  • the child learns to coordinate their actions and to purposefully control the movements of parts of the body;
  • families have 30 minutes of free time.

But to the negative side hops over doctors include, first and foremost, the risk of curvature of the legs and spine, as well as the underdevelopment of the muscles of the arms. In addition, this toy has a wrong psychological development, which is expressed in prygunkova dependence and the formation of the toddler non-standard movement skills (jump, not walk).

However be afraid not worth it, if you strictly adhere to the time recommended in this toy. In the manual it States that the acquaintance of your baby with preguntame you need to start with 7 minutes and a continuous period of crumbs in them can be no more than an hour. In addition, it is important to know when you can put the baby in jumpers, because here too there are rules. Pediatricians are allowed to put a baby in a toy with six months of age, more precisely with the moment he begins to sit independently.

How to pick up jumpers for the kids?

Before you buy this device, you should know that it’s type is of two kinds: in the form of panties, and with a seat and a circular bumper (table). Study about how to choose jumpers for baby should start with such indicators:

  • Security. Lest you were afraid that the baby can Bang, for example, on a door jamb, it is better to buy a toy with girth. In addition, you should pay attention on the spring element, which is in the form of springs or elastic bands. The latter has properties to stretch, therefore additional protection in the form of nylon cords in toys shall be mandatory.
  • Size. To this machine served for a long time, try to buy it with the resize function. Because the answer to the question, how much you can put baby in jumpers, 6 months, and you can use them until they get tired of the crumbs, and this can be quite a long period of time. Прыгунки для детейIn addition, this function will give the correct fit and a secure fit of the baby in prygunki.
  • Mount. Fastening toy is 2 types: fixed on door jamb or any crossbar, and with the spacers or stand. When buying the first model is necessary to ensure that the crumbs were enough space for jumping, because this species is considered traumatic. When you buy the model with the struts once it is necessary to prepare a place for her in the apartment, as it’s quite a bulky thing.

Summing up, it should be noted that, if there is a goal to buy the best jumpers for children, it will be the kind that have the girth or the legs, they have a bumper or circular table, they vary in size and have a spring as the resilient mechanism.

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