How to get a certificate for maternity capital?

Как получить сертификат на материнский капитал?Care of the Russian Federation on the demographic situation in the state is manifested in the form of a certificate for maternity capital, the receipt of which not all may be the same. Apply to family, or just mom or dad born little citizen, if he is the second in the family, or a third, fourth, etc. This law was implemented in 2007 and approximately valid up to 2018.

The timing of the receipt of the certificate for maternity capital

When the baby saw the light, once the parents have a lot of trouble, including the execution of various documents, including maternity capital, which is also called family. But getting there is no rush, the money will not disappear — they will remain as long as parents are not able to apply for them. This document can be obtained even on a large child, if he had not been issued previously.

Rules for obtaining certificate for maternity capital

To get the certificate for maternal capital following the birth of a baby, but how to make the expectant mother needs to know in pregnancy to be prepared. In order to understand if your family is this state aid, you must:

  • To be a citizen (citizen) of the Russian Federation.
  • To register the baby as a citizen of the state.
  • To get help how can mom and dad of the child and the adoptive parents, but not guardians.
  • The recipient of the Mat. capital can also be a child left an orphan. In this case, it will need guardians.

Where to use parent money?

The money deposited into the family at the birth or adoption of a child, can be spent in three areas – to improve their living space (to take a mortgage on a house), spend it on education of Chad, or partially invest in the future pension mom. You can also use the certificate for home improvement for a child recognized as disabled, for these needs, and it can be done at any time, without waiting three-year age. Upon receipt of the certificate are asked to make a choice, and hence, parents first need to discuss the issue among themselves.

Documents required to obtain a certificate for maternity capital

Mom, dad or guardian of a child should visit the Pension Fund personally or to contact them in writing by mail. The certificate for maternity capital is happening in a certain order, according to which you must provide the following documents:

  • the main document certifying the person (passport);
  • certificates for all children in the family;
  • Как получить сертификат на материнский капитал?the document on adoption of a child;
  • proof of the nationality of the child and the parents/adoptive parents (special stamp of the migration service of the Russian Federation).

During the month considered the submitted application, and then communicated to information about positive or negative response. In some cases, to the standard list of documents are asked to make and some other. This is related more to the guardians. Often require different court decision about the legality of custody and deprivation of rights of the biological parents, if they are not killed, and left without a child because of problems with the law.

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