How to distinguish a flu from ORVI the child?

Как отличить грипп от ОРВИ у ребенка?Often children’s bodies are faced with various infections. Because moms want to know the specifics of course of various diseases, to understand how to act in the tragedy of the situation. For many the question arises, how to distinguish a flu from ORVI the child, it is known that viral infections are often sick children.

What is SARS and the flu?

Colds during lifetime do not pass by a single person. If the doctor makes a diagnosis of SARS, we need to understand that it is not the name of a specific disease. This term refers to those lesions of the respiratory tract that have a viral nature, this includes the flu. But its often considered as a separate disease. You can call the main differences between simple SARS flu in children:

  • in the latter case the condition deteriorates rapidly, while in conventional viral infections the symptoms increase gradually;
  • the flu at immune restoration may take 2 weeks;
  • also after this disease for some time, possible blood pressure problems, dizziness.

The most accurate diagnosis possible after laboratory tests.

Как отличить грипп от ОРВИ у ребенка?

The signs of influenza and ARVI in children

To take the necessary measures, you should know how to distinguish these diseases. The flu is fraught with complications, because it is important to diagnose it quickly. These diseases are very similar in their manifestations, differ mainly in degree of severity. Carefully compare the main symptoms of SARS, which is often called the common cold, and influenza.

In the latter case, the temperature for 2 hours is above 38°C. the Thermometer reaches 39°C and even higher. The heat when it slips badly, and this state can persist for several days. With SARS usually the temperature does not exceed 38,5°C and for 2-3 days is normal.

When cold, the child complains of malaise, gets tired quickly. For the flu characterized by severe headache, redness of the eye and weakness in the body. But when the cough does not appear with the onset of the disease, while a cold accompanies it from the first day. However, it is important to note that when swine flu severe cough with chest pain is one of the first symptoms. Catarrh is a faithful companion SARS, kids sneeze. For influenza, these symptoms are not typical. The nose in patients lays not so much is this the symptom for 2 days. Severe cold may occur if the child has chronic diseases of the nasopharynx.

Also the difference in the symptoms of influenza and ARVI in children is the presence or absence of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. For colds vomiting and diarrhea are extremely rare. With flu the child has a possible intestinal disorder, and for swine flu they are the distinguishing feature.

Under normal viral infections often you may notice swollen lymph nodes, red throat has a loose structure, possible coating on mucous membranes. For influenza, these symptoms are not typical. At this illness the throat may redden and swell, but it is never loose.

Treatment of diseases

Как отличить грипп от ОРВИ у ребенка?All assignments should be done by pediatrician, he will choose drugs, if necessary. For example, to combat the flu can be recommended Tamiflu, relenza.

Tactics of treatment of maladies not much different. All patients should be encouraged to drink more, relax. The mother should often do wet cleaning and airing. In the baby’s diet must be fruits, dairy products, fish, preferably a rabbit, a Turkey. If necessary, give medicine for fever, cough and runny nose.

Neither one illness should not be treated with antibiotics because of taking these drugs must be indications, which are determined by the doctor.

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