The smell of acetone breath in children — causes

Запах ацетона изо рта у ребенка - причиныCaring mom usually closely monitor the child’s behaviour, appetite, the nature of the stool, the appearance of the rash. But parents should also pay attention to breath his child, because its change can report abuse. For example, doctors often ask questions about why the child’s breath smells like acetone, what are the causes for this condition. Some try to find means that will help the child to restore the freshness of breath, but this approach is wrong. You need to look for the cause of the problem and fix it. Therefore it is useful to figure out why the child may receive the smell of acetone breath. This will help to Orient in the situation and begin timely treatment. Often the symptom says about the malfunction of the pancreas, other internal organs.


This endocrine disorder, which is characterized by insulin deficiency. Its power is generated by the pancreas, because of violations in the work can cause a shortage of this important hormone.

The disease is characterized by persistent elevated blood sugar. The smell of acetone while breathing a tangible crumbs, is one of the symptoms of the disease. Other signs include sleep disorders, constant thirst, itching, complaints of fatigue, weakness.

But only on these grounds, the diagnosis can not deliver. It is necessary to survey, the first of which should be either a blood test for glucose.

Diseases of internal organs

Failures in the various systems of the body in a number of situations explain why the child’s breath smell of acetone.

Sometimes this reaction gives thyroid problems. Changes in hormonal balance can disrupt the metabolism and change the intensity of the digestion of fats. Intermediate product of this process is acetone, because it is possible the emergence of its smell on the breath of a baby.

The liver and kidneys help the body cleanse itself of toxins. But if the work of these bodies is disturbed, harmful substances, one of which is acetone, not derived. This occurs in hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatic and renal failure.

Dysfunction of the digestive tract can cause this symptom. Why the baby smells like acetone, explain normal SARS, as well as lesions of the respiratory, intestinal infections, infection with helminths.

Acetoneiso syndrome

This condition occurs in childhood, more common in girls. The disease is characterized by periodic attacks of vomiting the remnants of food, bile, the smell of acetone. This condition occurs suddenly and may be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • pain in the abdomen;
  • weakness;
  • the appearance of heat;
  • the refusal of food;
  • headache.

The cause of the condition is the disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, resulting in increased formation of ketone bodies (acetone – component). To syndrome can cause fatigue or stress, for example, because of the move. Unbalanced diet can also cause a similar problem. Parents must provide the child with a full ration. Запах ацетона изо рта у ребенка - причиныYou will need to make sure that the baby ate less food, which contains a lot of preservatives. You must limit the intake of sweets, not to buy child soda, chips.

If the mother noticed signs acetoneiso syndrome, she must take care to prevent vomiting and to try to arrest the disorder in its initial stages. It is important to give your child a lot to drink, e.g. tea with lemon, water, juice.

Given the variety of causes of smell of acetone breath in a child, it is important not to delay diagnosis.

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