Swine flu in children – symptoms and treatment

Свиной грипп у детей – симптомы и лечениеInfluenza infection is a very serious problem for children of early age. When the threshold is exceeded and the incidence everywhere a quarantine, I am afraid for the lives of babies, whose immune system is not able to fight the disease full strength. In time to start treatment of swine flu in children, it is necessary to know its symptoms and difference from other strains of the virus.

How does swine flu in children — symptoms

Feature of the disease is its blazing speed, that is, for any day, or less after contact with the virus carrier at the kid the temperature rises sharply and join the phenomenon of the etiology of catarrhal cough, pain and sore throat, runny nose and nasal congestion.

Cough, usually dry, hacking, not bringing relief. From him the child begin to hurt the muscles of the tummy, and sometimes he complains of pain in the back between the shoulder blades and lower back. The nose is at first laid, but after a few days can start cold.

The older children, note the weight in the entire body, muscle pain, constant desire to sleep. Often there is vomiting and diarrhea together or separately. The body and limbs sometimes a rash.

The main symptoms of swine flu in young children, similar to other virus strains, but does not appear as usual on the 5th-7th day after infection, and much faster. The temperature sharply rises to a critical level.

If the infant has any symptoms of swine flu as difficulty in breathing, paleness and even bluish discoloration of the skin of the face and body, and nasolabial triangle, vomiting, upset his chair, a sharp deterioration since the onset of recovery is a cause for immediate treatment for medical assistance.

Signs and symptoms of swine flu in children include very high fever up to 40°C which does not change or decreases slightly. This is a very dangerous condition that dehydrates the body.

As you know, the little children, all the processes are much faster than older children and adults. Accordingly, the earlier assistance will be provided to the child, the greater the chance of recovery without complications.

Treatment of swine influenza in children under one year

For uncomplicated disease the antibiotics are not applied. Unfortunately, the list of drugs to treat swine flu in children is not so wide. These include common antipyretics – Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. In no case can not give children aspirin or aspirin. It is very harmful to children till 16 years it is strictly prohibited to use.

To directly fight the virus strain H1N1, children are given the drug Tamiflu. It is recommended for babies from birth to age five, especially if a history is associated with heart disease, diabetes, asthma, disorders of neurological nature. Most effectively this tool in the first two days.

In addition, prescribed drugs to support the immune system Свиной грипп у детей – симптомы и лечение– interferon Viferon, and other Fearon at the discretion of the doctor.

Cough and runny nose treatment standard – droplet in the nose for babies and drugs to thin the mucus. It is very important during illness at any temperature to give the baby to drink baby gull or plain boiled water. If the toddler is breastfed, the quantity of applying per day should be increased.

It is desirable that the child kept in bed, although with small children to achieve this can be very difficult. The room where ill, often need to ventilate and to carry out the cleaning. Very important humidity – not less than 65-70%.

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