Kids dance to a New year at school

Детские танцы на Новый год в школеNo holiday in child care, including new year events at school, not without fun and Groovy dancing. In this article we offer you ideas and a massive pair of children’s dance, which can be employed in the celebration of the New year at school or at home.

How to put a happy dance for the New year in school?

The easiest comic dance, which can be put on a New year at school, is the well — known «Train». Place all children on growth, regardless of gender, and have each player put his hands on the waist of the previous dancer. You can turn on fun Christmas music, and the train will start moving.

All participants of the dance «the Train» can dance freely or to perform certain tasks of leading, in this situation – father Frost or snow Maiden. In the case of the older guys that train usually are very quickly disintegrates, and the dance turns into a fun Christmas disco.

Another very funny dance, which can be used on celebration New year at school — the so-called «Dancing with obstacles». Before this game all the kids should stand in one part of the room, for example, to the right. Santa Claus in this case is the left side of the class. Stand in the middle of the 2 participants who hold the stretched rope at a certain height. To receive a gift from Santa Claus, each child must perform the dance to funny Christmas song, simultaneously overcoming the obstacle.

The program should include all known dances. Dancing around the Christmas tree to always allow the boys and girls of any age positive new year mood. Finally, if the celebration involved a large number of children for the production of fun dancing at the school for the New year, you can arrange for any flashmob. It’s enough to put before you guys the simple task they are to perform in the same moment of time specified by Grandfather frost or the snow Maiden.

In such performances there is no need to buy the children expensive dresses and suits, however, would be appropriate and fun to add in the way every dancer of any Christmas item.

Beautiful dancing

To put a beautiful dance that you can show parents and teachers, you’ll need to attribute, for example, one or more hoops or tape. If you can learn how to perform dance elements, any movement with these attributes will be incredibly beautiful and breathtaking, however, it will take much time to prepare.

This dance can be put differently. In the Christmas version you can make the guys was not just a dance, and received some assignments from Santa Claus. Детские танцы на Новый год в школеIf several students are dancing, this dance can be presented in the form of cheerful and, at the same time, beautiful and interesting competition.

Don’t forget about ballroom dancing. If one of the guys involved in this art form, you can easily put in a school for the New year is an incredibly beautiful dance. Depending on the music genre of the selected song it could be Foxtrot, cha-cha-cha, Rumba, tango, Jive, Samba, and all the familiar waltz.

In these dances, unlike the previous, it is advisable to dress nicely children. For example, all girls could wear party dresses Snowflake or Snow Queen, and boys to dress in the same style and decorate your costume with tinsel and stars.

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