Kid movies about New Year and Christmas

Детские фильмы про Новый Год и РождествоWith the arrival of the new year holidays we want not only revelry, but also cozy evenings spent with the whole family at the TV. For this very good children’s films about the New year and Christmas, which with pleasure will brighten up leisure time for both adults and children. Viewing these paintings, as a rule, no one leaves no one indifferent, because they are all about the hilarious adventures with a good ending.

Foreign children’s movies about Christmas and New year

Paintings about the Christmas tree and the events that unfold on the eve of this magical holiday, a great many. Basically the main characters are little children, but there are playing funny animals. We suggest you to see the most interesting films, the viewing of which will give a lot of positive emotions.

In search of Santa Lapus, 2010

This is one of the best children’s Christmas movies featuring cute animals. The plot tells the story of the main acting the hero of Christmas: Santa Claus, who got the gift of a toy puppy. Magically, the dog revives, and with it begin to happen incredible adventure/ Santa Lapus will find in the greater new York scattered Santa Claus and giving Christmas. Looking at this picture, sure that no one will remain indifferent to the brave, bold and, at the same time, kind to the dogs.

Christmas with the Chilli, 2012

This film will introduce you to the amazing adventures of a boy Bobby, who as a gift at Christmas from Santa Claus gets a dog. Puppy called Chile, and he became a true friend for a little boy. And maybe it would be a story about friendship between animal and child, if in the city where they live, does not appear the kidnappers dogs. How will they deal with criminals and how to overcome them, see in this exciting film.

When Santa fell to Earth 2011

Sometimes it so happens that on Christmas eve occur a trouble that can afflict even the child. A similar story happened with young Ben, whose parents moved to live in a tiny town. Everything here seems to him strange and gloomy: school, street and even its own bathroom, and how Christmas can be such a mood? But everything abruptly changes when the bad weather falls from the sky Santa Claus. What adventures await Ben and his friend Charlotte, look at this funny and good movie.

Baby Russian films about the New year

Unfortunately, the bright paintings and interesting about this holiday that was created in the post-Soviet space, yet not so much. Of course, you can look at time-tested good Soviet fairy tales, such as, for example, «12 months», well, you can please yourself and children novelties of cinema:

One plus one house, 2013

The film narrates about a girl Sonia and boy Misha, who on the eve of the New year will be to fight against fraud. Funny jokes, a lot of adventure and music will overwhelm you when watching this film.

Year of the white elephant, 2011

This good tale that even in a hot summer could come the long-awaited New year. The main character, the boy Grisha fell ill and wants only one thing: happy holidays and Christmas tree. Will come true if his desire, and what will parents do brownies, favorite cat, etc in this wonderful picture.

Magic alarm clock is Santa Claus, 2015

Film-tale about good and evil, where you will meet not only Santa Claus and snow maiden and Baba Yaga, Nightingale the robber, a house-etc. Painting will give a lot of positive things, jokes, adventures and will give the answer to the main question: «will there be a New year Grandfather Frost without an alarm clock?».

In addition to the above, we offer you a list of children’s Christmas movies that have fans all over the world:

  • Home alone, 1990
  • Home alone 2: Lost in new York 1992;
  • Home alone 3, 1997;
  • Edward Scissorhands, 1990;
  • Santa Claus, 1994;Детские фильмы про Новый Год и Рождество
  • Santa clause 2, 2002.
  • Santa Claus 3, 2006;
  • Skakun, 1989;
  • All I want for Christmas, 1991;
  • Blizzard, 2003;
  • Santa Cuties, 2014;
  • Elf, 2003;
  • Miracle on 34th street, 1994;
  • K-9: a Christmas adventure, 2013.
  • The Grinch stole Christmas, 2000

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