What is periods in girls?

Что такое месячные у девушек?In the life of every girl there comes a time when the question arises as to what period and when they are observed in girls. Let us further consider the situation and try to give advice to moms: how to explain to a child what period and at what age it is necessary to conduct a conversation on this topic.

When to tell my daughter about menstruation?

Most of the parents expects that today, in the information age, children are so developed that are able to find answers to their questions, without their participation. So teenage girls and they will learn what is a monthly cycle in women from the Internet or from their friends. However, this is not quite correct.

To start the conversation with future girls mom needs about 10 years. It is this age psychologists believe more appropriate. Moreover, today quite often menarche (first menstruation) occurs earlier put 12-13 years.

How to explain to the girl what period?

In order to properly and explain to the daughter that this month, why and how they occur in the female body, what is the point, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • To start talking about menstruation is necessary at an early age. It is best if the conversation will take place in a natural context. For example, you can start with the fact that there is coming a time when the girl would be completely similar to his mother: there will be Breasts and hair in certain places.
  • Gradually, as you get closer to 10 years, start to tell the child more specific facts.
  • Already 10-11 years old girl can tell, what menstruation is, what is the menstruation cycle. It is very important to answer all the questions that will be asked of the child. If the mother does not know, how it correctly to give an answer, it is better to say that I will answer later than to remain silent and leave the issue without attention.
  • All the answers must be simple. There is no need to go into the essence of the process (to tell about ovulation cycle phases). The girl will have enough information that explains what time of the month for this process in the body and how women are often observed bleeding.
  • In any case it is not necessary, in order to explain to the girl what a period, to use tools, such as a book or video. They can be used only as a so-called starting point. After that, the mother needs yourself, affordable and simple words to tell about this process.
  • Many psychologists recommend for this kind of conversation to focus on personal experience. So, for example, mom might share how she worried about your first period and after that ask your girl what she feels about what she has fears associated with the first menstruation.
  • Always try to answer the child’s question and answer only it, without overloading the girl excess and sometimes unnecessary information. Believe me, the child of 10-12 years is not necessary to know all the peculiarities of female physiology.

Thus, it is necessary to say that prior to explain to his daughter, Что такое месячные у девушек?what time of the month, the mother should prepare her for the hearing and to choose a suitable situation. Ideal would be when the girl herself will ask my mom about it.

How to explain to the boy what period?

Often questions arise about menstruation and boys. Thus mothers should not leave them unattended.

The boy in such case will have enough information about what this physiological process that occurs in the body every girl’s on a monthly basis needed for the birth of children. As a rule, boys do not ask more questions.

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