Cure for constipation for adults and children, pregnant women and the elderly

Our intestine is arranged so that produces a natural cleansing the body from unnecessary substances. However, this mechanism sometimes fails, which may result in the stagnation of feces inside. Cure for constipation aim to address such problems. On the shelves of pharmacies are innumerable, they are sold without prescription. To buy laxative drug can anyone who encountered this inconvenience. To choose the right tool, you need to know the specifics of his actions and the age category for which they are eligible.

Laxatives for constipation

Modern pharmaceutical industry produces large amount of laxative medication. They differ not only names and characteristics effects on the body, but also a form of release. Today you can buy tablets, drops, suppositories, tea and other types of drugs designed to ease the process of excretion of feces. One of the laxative medicines, characterized by the method of steps, you can find soft, fast-acting, osmotic and delayed action.

Fast action tablets

Any fast-acting laxative is often not really: they are dangerous, although based on natural ingredients. These drugs can help only a single bowel movement, which will be the result of action of the product after 10 hours after taking it. Laxatives quick action may only be used in cases of severe constipation. To use them for a long time because the intestines can modify your nervous structure under the action of these drugs. Such drugs include:

  • «Bisacodyl»;
  • «Regulars»;

  • «Dulcolax»;

  • «Senada»;
  • «Guttalax».

Do not cause addiction

Many laxatives frequent reception can deteriorate, causing the syndrome of «lazy bowel». The problem is characterized by loss of ability to perform defecation on their own. The violation carries a big threat to human body, because the accumulation of feces poisoning him. Drugs that have a laxative effect, you need to pick very carefully, taking into account, in particular, and the possibility of addiction. Drug not causing addiction include:


  • osmotic (saline, prebiotics): «Endophilic», «Fortrans», «Forlax», «Duphalac», «Normate», «Lactusan» and others;
  • intestinal fillers: bran, flax seeds, sea cabbage, «Mukofalk» and similar.


Prebiotics are excellent natural medicines for delay of feces in the intestine, has a mild laxative effect. These substances do not cause harm to the body, providing a more sustainable effect than potent laxatives. These drugs do not only clean the intestines. They contribute to the normalization of work of organs, increase growth of beneficial microflora. Improves the absorption of phosphorus and calcium, reduces the activity of the malicious flora. Among lung preparations isolated:

  • «Lactulose»;
  • «Poclain»;

  • «Normate»;
  • «Normalest».


Remedies for constipation with an osmotic effect based on the effect produced by salt drugs. Substances retain water in the intestine, making the mass of the decay products is softer. The result of using a laxative is the elimination of symptoms. The cause of the illness, the medicines do not cure, but are safe. To use such drugs from constipation for more than 3 months is not recommended. A list of such laxatives:

  • «Duphalac» (has prebiotic properties);
  • «Transipeg»;
  • «Forlax»;

  • «Fortrans»;
  • «Endothall».


Among the variety of laxatives will be found both cheap and expensive. However, it should be remembered that harmless to the human body prebiotics are much more expensive than the drugs rapid action. If you need a one-time use, inexpensive drugs to use can. For such one-time treatment will suit you: «Bisacodyl», «Senada», magnesium sulfate, glycerin suppositories.

How to choose a laxative for constipation

The question of how to select an effective laxative, appeals to many people, faced with this delicate problem. Correctly selected remedy for constipation should be transferred without any side effects. Good the drug does not cause dependence and addiction. If the medicine is appropriate, it will not appear diarrhea. People who have constipation prevents in losing weight, it is recommended to start cleansing preparations, acting gently. Recommendations for intake of laxatives depend on the age of the patient.

For older

In old age the main feature of constipation is that they often have a chronic character. To take too aggressive means that cause addiction, not for a long time. Suitable laxatives for constipation for seniors, prebiotics («Forlax», drugs lactulose). However, if the locks are an isolated case, it is possible to prevent the application of mitigating and irritating drugs («Norgalax», «Padalas», «Bisacodyl», almond oil).

For children

Children’s bodies are very sensitive, so for kids there are milder remedies than drugs of constipation in adults. Of rating can be supplied prebiotics. These drugs do not have unpleasant taste, their use is not harmful to children’s health. The reception allowed even a newborn child. From the first days of life can cope with illness in children with the help of dill water, which is easily purchased at any pharmacy.


The youngest children it is very convenient to give liquid medicines: syrups and drops. For babies most popular:

  • Sodium picosulfate is not addictive, it is permitted to take no more than 10 days. Administered to children from infancy, comes in the form of drops that you can add to food at feeding.
  • «Guttalax» – drops that can deal with all types of constipation, including hemorrhoids and fissures. Children can be taken with 2 years.

Baby candles for babies

Safe for infants are rectal suppositories, as they have local effects without affecting the entire body. Experts recommend the use of preparations containing glycerin. Laxatives such candles must be divided into 8 parts using only 1 time for 1 slice. It is enough for relieving symptoms of constipation in newborns. Children older than 1 month, the dosage should be doubled. Drug in this form can be used only if necessary, so that the intestines were not used to working with medication.

Drugs from 1 year

Beneficial effect on children’s bowel will render the medication lactulose («Normalest», «Normate»). These medications do not provoke the emergence of pain, give a mild laxative effect, normalize the microflora. Prebiotics come in the form of a syrup or powder that must be diluted. Method of production of drugs for constipation very convenient for their adopted children. Child is not recommended to give the following medications:

  • castor and vaseline oil (can cause Beri-Beri);
  • drugs, which include hay or buckthorn (are addictive and pain in the abdomen).

During pregnancy

During pregnancy the medicines are taken with great care, laxatives – not the exception. Strong interference in the body harms not only the mother but also the developing fetus. Vegetable recipes based on the leaves of the Seine, the root of rhubarb, aloe, Portulaca, buckthorn bark, and many other funds prohibited from use in the period of carrying a baby. It is impossible to accept the popular medication «Bisacodyl» castor oil, «Fitolaks Evalar» and sodium picosulfate. To combat constipation pregnant women allowed:

  • «Forlax»;
  • «Duphalac»;
  • «Relax»;
  • «Normalest».


Olesya, 24 years old

During pregnancy was constipation. Turning to the doctor, I learned that the usual means will not work. The doctor told me «Normalest». The drug had a slight effect, I felt no discomfort, and constipation were less likely to occur.

Igor, 45 years old

Not yet found a better means than «Senada». Laxative works very fast, has a powerful effect for 1 day. Those who have constipation occur infrequently, it is perfect.

Alena, 32 years

To treat this delicate problem the child has used the prebiotic «Normate». The son took the cure from constipation willingly because it tastes good. Approximately after a week of treatment, the chair was normalized, and addiction to the drug arose.


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