How to teach your kitten to the scratching post: easy and quick ways

Purchase a fluffy pet is a joy and at the same time a huge responsibility. The owner is responsible for pet and for his actions. It is well known that cats love to sharpen claws. They are not doing this to just ruin something or scratching is a natural instinct. Through this very simple process is the update of the Horny layer of the claws. At the same time sharpening – kind of the label area. You must know in advance, how to teach a kitten to the scratching post.

Types of scratching posts for cats

Options products for Pets:

  1. Leader among others is a product in the form of a column. Vertical columns represent the stable base with an attached upper cone, cylinder or box. The figure is covered with special grinding material. To make it easier to accustom the cat to the scratching post, some models have special upper area where the pet can lie or sit. In other games there are accessories (rope, hanging balls, ropes).
  2. For many cats the main advantage of this device is the presence on her shelves, where you can comfortably sleep. In addition, the cat scratches the product, the shelf helps her to observe everything from above, providing safety. This kogtedralka for cats for sale already assembled, it is necessary only to unpack and install. On the site of the accessory a lot of space, so that it could fit even a large pet. Shelf height will help the cat when she’s sharpening the claws, to stretch out fully.
  3. Wall mount scratching post for cats with his hands is easy – usually it is attached to the wall. The main difference between devices is compactness. In addition, they are used both in horizontal and in vertical position. If the product is in the right place, it can perfectly protect the furniture and curtains from being damaged. Also it is often attached to the favorite place of the cat, and then gradually shifts it to the right.
  4. A scratching post in the form of a house is a whole entertainment complex with a soft place to sleep, inside the maze. A house for a pet in addition to aesthetics has high strength. Cat to scratch can not be a cover. The surface of high-strength cardboard in appearance cannot be distinguished from wood. It has a long service life.


The way to accustom your kitten to the scratching post

Method of promotion:

  1. Watch out for the pet.
  2. When you see that she wants to sharpen claws, hold it up to the fixture.
  3. If she self-sharpening won’t start, you should spend it with its feet on coherence.
  4. You should encourage the kitten: give him a treat.
  5. Whenever the cat claws will be sharpening in the designated place, praise and stroke her.
  6. This process lasts about a week.

Game method:

  1. There are two options for performing this method.
  2. The first is to buy or make a gaming kohtadesse.
  3. The first kitten would play, but eventually get used to sharpen its claws on it.
  4. Another way is to play with a cat next to a simple cortaderas, for example, to hold her rope.

A clever way:

  1. To attract the kitten with a smell, for example, Catnip.
  2. The pharmacy should buy a special tincture and apply it on the scratching post.
  3. Your pet will then often spend time near the device and get used to it.
  4. Another viable option in how to teach a little kitten to the scratching post, is application on all the places where you should not scratch the surface, juice of orange or lemon. Cats do not tolerate citrus aroma.

Video: how to teach cat to the scratching post

How to raise a kitten, so he doesn’t sharpened my claws in the wrong places, well told in the video. If you follow all the recommendations, the question of how to teach a kitten to the scratching post, problems will not cause. The availability of special devices in the form of centers to play with shelves, ropes and other accessories will help you to win the love of your pet.


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