Easy hairstyle for every day with their hands for medium to long hair

The image of the woman is considered complete only if her hairstyle is in perfect order. Unfortunately, most of the fair sex there is no possibility daily to visit the beauty salon, because it takes lots of time and money. In such a situation it is easier to learn how to do easy hairstyles for every day with their hands. You should definitely get acquainted with the relevant options for different lengths of hair.

Ideas hairstyles for long hair

Greek goddess:

  1. These hairstyles are light and beautiful, they are lovely and just run. A good brush and make a side parting, dividing the hair in two.
  2. Take a strand from the temporal side and slowly tighten the harness, picking up new locks and moving to the back of his head. Secure with hairpin.
  3. Repeat the process for the second half of the hair.
  4. Connect the harnesses low ponytail at the nape. Little later gum.
  5. Roll the hair and thread them into the formed above the tail hole a few times.
  6. Fix some strands of your hair and a good varnish.

Evening option:

  1. Brush, divide the hair into a single center wide portion and two side thin.
  2. The bulk of the tie tail and make a bun, securely tighten.
  3. Of the side strands braid French braids, secure with small rubber bands, fan throughout its length.
  4. Twist them over the beam, get under it and pin with Bobby pins.
  5. Fix the result varnish.

Double braid:

  1. Make three equal strands of hair.
  2. Average braid a tight braid. Secure with a transparent elastic band.
  3. Braid big braid, using the average of one of the strands. Make it free. The freer it is, the more beautiful.
  4. At the bottom secure the hairstyle of any rubber band.

Tail laced in spit:

  1. Thoroughly brush. Gather your hair high tight ponytail.
  2. Right separate a thin strand near the gum.
  3. Start to weave from her ordinary scythe. Right do the usual crossing, and each time left add a thin fine. However, the pigtail should be vertical.
  4. Secure the ends. You left the tail on which the neat mesh of thin strands of spit.
  5. Not less beautiful is it if I weave not strictly on the right side and gradually move downward, around the tail in a circle.


Easy hairstyles for medium hair

Retro style:

  1. Comb with fine teeth make a strong bouffant at the crown. This will give shape and volume. In the process distribute the varnish on the head.
  2. Make high but not tight.
  3. Smooth the shape of hair brush, give it a neat lush roundness.
  4. Separate a thin strand from the bottom, wrap the top elastic, press and hold the invisible.
  5. Twist the tip of the tail, and fasten lacquer.

French braids:

  1. The parting of the hair divide in two.
  2. One part of the clip, and another braid in a reverse French braid. Start with a temple, at each step, add a thin strand from the bottom.
  3. At the back secure the cone and repeat with the other half.
  4. Tie both braids a ponytail, hide the elastic band under the curl.

Option to work:

  1. Seashells – very pretty but easy hairstyles, which are made almost instantly. To do this, gather your hair at the bottom, twist them tight braid and secure at the tip.
  2. Lift the tail up, while spinning it in a loop.
  3. Fix the result of invisible so that the tip was hidden in the resulting shell.
  4. Secure the hair lacquer.

Triple tail:

  1. Divide your hair into three strands horizontally, attach upper band. Wrap the curl at the base.
  2. Take the second tail, taking him to the tip first. Hide the elastic band strand.
  3. By the same principle make the third tail at the bottom.

Simple hairstyles for short hair


  1. Horizontal parting divide the hair in half. If they are naughty, you must apply for fixation.
  2. The upper half of the clamp.
  3. Separate the two strands of the temporal to the different sides, crossed them in the center and fasten invisible.
  4. Top hair gently lower so that the parting was not.
  5. Twist the ends well inside and sprinkle with varnish.

Cold wave:

  1. Divide the hair into oblique vertical parting.
  2. Top take a section width of about 4-5 cm Handle its styling.
  3. Motion as though writing the letter S, comb hair up from the forehead and to the side, fix it with clamp. Slide it in the opposite direction, to face, secure with a Bobby pin. Move below in the same way, each new round locking. Try to keep the clamps parallel.
  4. With a comb to make a wave more expressive.
  5. Remove the clips once hair is completely dry naturally. The dryer is not recommended.
  6. Very easy interesting hairstyles for every day with a short haircut now often made in the style of 40-ies, so you will look great.

Evening stacking:

  1. Head wash, well dry.
  2. Apply a gel or foam.
  3. Thin Curling iron roll to small curls, trying to make turnovers from his face.
  4. When all the strands are wound, take a couple of stealthy and neatly popliteus one side behind the ear. Pins should be placed one above the other.
  5. Fix varnish. On top of the Invisibles can wear beautiful long hair with rhinestones.

Hairstyles for girls in school

Young apprentice needs to look neat. So moms need to know easy kids hairstyles, the implementation of which by stages will not occupy a lot of precious time in the morning. You ought to learn several options to the baby every day appear at school in a new way. It is important to do these hairstyles, with strands which will not interfere with the child to do.


  1. Divide the hair in two halves parted in the middle and tie in a ponytail.
  2. From each tight braid normal braid. Secure on the ends.
  3. Lift braids, twist them in two loops to form a figure of eight, secure the clamps at the bases. The tips will stick out to the sides.
  4. At places where the tips are in contact with the grounds, tie a beautiful ribbon.


  1. Gather your hair high ponytail, but leave the tip in the gum. Make it so that it stuck out the front.
  2. A loop split into two halves. The tip through the top flip back, fasten invisible.
  3. The «bow» fan, the bottom edge of the clip invisible, fix all the varnish.

The original bundle:

  1. Divide your hair horizontally in the middle. The lower part of the fixing clip.
  2. The top half divide into 5-6 equal strands, trying to bring them closer to the center. They should be shaped like triangles or pieces of cake. Each braid into a thin cone and attach.
  3. Combine all in a ponytail.
  4. Build it up into a bun and secure with Bobby pins.

Video: how to make hairstyle in 5 minutes with their hands

If you are eager to learn how to get your hair done as quickly as possible, look at the following video below. It presents easy hairstyles for every day, the implementation of which step by step will take no more than a few minutes. They are all very popular today. These easy and quick hairstyles for every day the strength to make any young lady. For each of them need only a few ordinary rubber band and invisible. Watch this video and learn to create beauty of their tresses at home.

Photo the lightest and most stylish hairstyles for each day

To be inspired by new ideas, let’s see the following pictures. The most easy hairstyles that are appropriate to do at work, at school or even on holiday. May these photos inspire you on even the idea of creating their own simple hairstyles. To repeat each presented variant would not take much time, effort, special tools or hairdressing skills. All of them are designed for women.


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