How to put IPhone ringtone using iTunes and without a computer

Apple has created a product in the form of IPhone and found their consumers for excellent quality, high performance, new high technologies. You presented a specific type of functionality. User Android such management will seem strange. Previously used programs appear in the IPhone is not too clear. Even the question of how to put the iPhone ringtone, the beginner can get confused. How to install ringtone to iPhone 5 or its counterparts will suggest a few solutions.

How to set standard ringtone to a call

What actions to take and how to put ring tone, for novice users the IPhone is a hot topic. Setup ordinary call is in a couple of keystrokes and is not too difficult. The algorithm explaining how to put standard iPhone ringtone:

  1. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Select «Sound».
  3. Click «Ringtone».
  4. A list of audio signals. Pick the right set, keep.

The initial use of a mobile phone brand IPhone is limited to only a basic set of sounds. If you want to set the music based on personal music preferences, it should pre-load. Self download you will be able to carry out thanks to the computer, and other useful software. As on the iPhone to change the melody on the one that you really like? There are several ways.


How to add ringtone to IPhone via Aytyuns

  1. Installed file Manager to rename the newly-created audio track (Total Commander).
  2. If the option to install file Manager is missing, refer to basic operating system tools. Follow: «start» – «control Panel» – «folder» – «Appearance», section «Hide extensions for known file types» deactivate by clearing the check box. You can view file extensions.
  3. Open iTunes, add your favorite music track: «File» – «Add file to library». The next step is cropping the selected song. The maximum duration of the audio track is 38 seconds.
  4. The selected track, click the right button of the mouse, the «Information» – «Options». Note the start and finish point of the track, click OK.
  5. The short version of the track click with the right mouse button to create a copy of it. Click «Create a version in AAC format».
  6. A copy of the file. Click the right, define for yourself «Show in Explorer…». Change the name of the track and its extension (select m4r).
  7. Drag the file into iTunes. Its new location in the folder «Sounds».
  8. Synchronize the device and set how to add ringtone to iPhone, agreed. This algorithm is suitable for any model of the device so that in the future you will know how to put a ringtone on the iPhone 6, 5, 4.

How to put a ringtone on iPhone without computer and iTunes

Here is described the solution of vrpros how to put music on a call in iPhone. There are free software. These programmes include:

  1. ITools:
    • Download the program ITools, install and open.
    • Click «Tools».
    • Click on the icon labeled «Create (Make) an audio signal…».
    • Further, through the «Selection» select the desired song.
    • Then you need to trim your favourite segment and click «Save». The final save folder is «desktop».
    • Connect the IPhone to the PC.
    • In ITools on the left side, open «Media» on the right «Ringtones» and drag in the area indicated by the arrow a snippet of your favorite song.
    • The finish point will be the action, deciding how to put ring tone.
    • Way of working through the program doesn’t always work. If I get the warning message «unable to ascertain compatibility of ITunes», then use another method to throw an audio track.
  2. IFunBox. A very simple way to transfer a desired piece of songs. You need to download from the Internet and run the program IFunBox. In the column on the left side select «Ringtone». On the right you will see a list of the basic sounds of the phone where you drag the clipped song. Saving will be performed automatically.

Video tutorial: how to change the ringtone of IPhone 4, 5, 5s and 6

How to put any iPhone ringtone? Normal call pretty tired, put your favorite song for a beginner – question unknown. The video below will give a detailed answer with step by step instructions on installing a new file on the IPhone of any model. The algorithm of actions for each model is no different, but the methods are different. Remove all unnecessary doubts and use the best solution!


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