Top 7 pseudophoenix products for children

Strolling in the Park, visiting children’s entertainment centers, on the shelves of shops, eateries you will definitely see a lot of products, widely advertised as «useful» snack or main meal. Cookies, soda Lite, muffins, diet chips, hot dogs, pizza – delicious, but unnecessary for the body Goodies.

Top 7 useful products that are hazardous to the health of the child:

  1. Grain/cereal Breakfast cereals.Undoubtedly, the convenience and speed of preparation of morning meals in the form of flakes, balls and milk is a significant argument in favor of the purchase. The abundance of sugars, food additives, dyes nullify all the benefits included in the product cereals. Being a source of «quick» carbs, this Breakfast will leave your child hungry in a couple of hours after its consumption.

    A great replacement will be natural multigrain porridge cooked «all the rules». To diversify the taste of fresh apples, bananas, seasonal berries, dried fruits. The Breakfast made up for the stores of vitamin D and calcium, cook meals for milk, and sweeten food you can honey or jam.

  2. Fruit juice.The abundance of advertising that guarantees the «naturalness» of the drink in Tetra packs, leads to the fact that mom bought fruit juices to the kids on walks, older children – to «useful» snacks at school. The presence of additives, preservatives often leads to food allergies. Some manufacturers under the guise of implementing the juices nectars. Guess where the cherries, apples, and other fruits included in the drink, so the sweet taste? According to laboratory tests, a one-liter package of juice contains up to 7 spoons of sugar.


    Try to reduce the number of purchased drinks, home cooking fruit drinks (from fresh or frozen fruit), making fresh juices, smoothies.

  3. Crackers, cereal, cookies.High energy value of these products touted as «cheerfulness and energy» for the child. In addition to the above additives, preservatives, sugar, many kinds of cookies include palm oil, significantly cheaper production. A child’s body reacts to the gradual accumulation of vegetable fats, which stimulates the formation of low density lipoprotein.

    Outlet for moms who care about children’s health, will be handwritten pastry «cookies» with useful additions: cereal, nuts, poppy seeds or fruit pieces.

  4. «Diet» salads.Paying attention to popular diet, many fast food outlets offer a «light» salads in the line of healthy options. For example, mayonnaise, fried pieces of chicken in the «Caesar’s» bring it on calories for Burger or portion of chips.

    Want to be sure that with vegetable salad your child will receive the necessary serving of vitamins, minerals? Prepare yourself a favorite dish and Packed in a container, take a walk together, fold in school.

  5. Carbonated drinks labeled light.Rare people have not heard about the dangers of carbonated beverages. High sugar content and dyes – the main reasons of negative opinions about them. In recent years, increasingly popular dietary options are the usual sodas, supposedly harmless to adults and children. However, the composition still contains aspartame, sodium benzoate, violate the sensitivity of taste buds, diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  6. Jelly candies.Highlighting the social benefits «gelecek», most manufacturers focuses on the naturalness of the product: freshly squeezed juice, agar-agar and no additives. Thickeners, preservatives, stabilizers and many other chemistry – an integral part of the «healthy» candy.

    To avoid digestive disorders, allergies, tooth decay will help homemade jelly candies on the basis of products (fresh fruits, juices), which you are sure.

  7. Yoghurt, curd snacks, ice-cream.Disguised under the catchy names, many dairy yogurts actually are not. Specified on the label the word «product» (milk, curd), means that the composition does not provide useful lactobacilli. But contains abundant milk powder, vegetable fat, food dyes.

    Healthy child will natural yogurt on the basis of special starters, cottage cheese with fruit pieces, yogurt, fermented baked milk.

Caring mums should remember that the advertised manufacturers «useful» products of baby food can harm the health of the child. Not to complain later on unscrupulous advertisers, producers, carefully study the composition specified on the labels. If you have doubts in the genuineness of the product, better give up the purchase, making the choice in favor of Apple or orange.


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