Wheat milk porridge in multivarku

Пшеничная каша на молоке в мультиварке

Wheat porridge is the best in its segment according to the content of various utilities. It also perfectly nourishes the body, filling it with energy and so is perfect for a hearty Breakfast and for lunch with a side dish. Today we have the recipes for preparing this healthy meals involving a slow cooker.

How to cook delicious wheat porridge in a slow cooker recipe with milk


  • wheat groats – 165 g;
  • fresh milk – 575 ml;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • sugar – 65 g;
  • butter – 90 g


For starters, wheat is washed out. Then place the mass in multicasting, there also send the butter in one piece and pour required quantity of milk. Next, the turn of flavors. Here you need to rely on your taste and preferences. Traditionally add a pinch of salt and sugar. For more original and rich taste can be supplemented by porridge washed dried fruit and nuts.

Cook wheat porridge with milk in the slow cooker, setting the device mode to «Milk porridge». The device itself determines the cooking time and the required temperature. After the beep give the clover time for insisting in the mode of «heating» and in fifteen minutes you can serve. Optionally, you can also enrich the taste of the dish with slices of fresh fruit, berries, honey or jam.

Wheat porridge in multivarku — recipe for milk and water


  • pearl barley 160 g;
  • milk – 250 ml;
  • purified water – 375 ml;
  • salt – 1 small pinch;
  • butter – to taste.


For this recipe, you can prepare savoury wheat porridge, which is perfect for a side dish to meat or vegetable dishes. A small amount of milk and no sugar also reduces Пшеничная каша на молоке в мультиваркеthe calorie content of dishes, making it a higher priority for the diet.

As in the previous embodiment, the first wash very thoroughly wheat cereal and filled the capacity of the device. There also pour the purified water and the milk, add a pinch of salt, optional and to taste cream butter and select on the display the program «Porridge». Not in a hurry after we heard the signal to open the lid multivarki. Will give PAP an extra opportunity to rasputitsa and swell in the «heating» and in fifteen minutes you can serve the main dish or on their own.

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