The fat in the brine in the jar — recipe

Сало в рассоле в банке - рецепт

Nothing can compare with a delicious combination of freshly prepared soup with slices of well-salted fat. Besides, fat is a rather useful product that contains a set of essential human fatty acids. It now remains only to choose a good, accurate your eye a piece of bacon and give him the salting, one of the best recipes. And as always, we to you already all have prepared and offer recipes for delicious fat in brine, in which explained in detail how to salt it in the usual glass jar.

The recipe for curing bacon in brine, in jar


  • lard – 1.5 kg;
  • water – 1,5 l;
  • coarse salt – 7 tbsp. spoons;
  • peppers (sweet, black, white) – 5 PCs. each;
  • dill – 2 umbrella;
  • garlic – 5 Zubkov;
  • Bay leaf – 4 pieces


A half liter of clean water pour into a suitable sauce pan directly on the stove. While we heated water dissolved in it, coarse salt, added three kinds of peppers, broken in half a Laurel leaf, plug-dill umbrellas and wait for boiling. In the form keep boiling the brine a few minutes, then being abandoned from the heat and stand it in a cool place for faster cooling.

Fat cut in small squares, and then tightly stacked in a jar with a volume of one liter and a half, alternating when laying with garlic, cut into 4-5 parts. From the cooled brine take out umbrellas dill and pour them fat in the Bank at the very edge of the neck. Just cover the jar with a metal lid and make it a more cool place for 6 days. Then you can enjoy the taste of this sweet, spicy fat.

Recipe delicious bacon in brine, in jar


  • the fat (cream) – 1.2 kg;
  • water – 1 liter;
  • dry fennel seeds – 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • cumin seeds – 1 pinch;
  • kitchen salt – 5 tbsp;
  • sugar – 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • garlic – 3-4 cloves.


The fat cut into pieces in the form of small rectangles. Peeled the garlic sobocki arbitrarily cut into 3-5 slices and cuts made in the pieces of fat stick to 1-2 slices. Tightly stacked rectangles in a clean quart jar to the top.

In a saucepan pour kitchen salt, dried fennel seeds, cumin, add sugar and pour the contents of the water. Stir with a spoon to dissolve salt and put it to warm on the stove. In the stage of boiling the brine keep on the stove for 2-3 minutes. Then being abandoned and expect to complete cooling. Then pour in a jar-Packed fat. Cover with the lid keep this jar in the bathroom for 24 hours, and then at the same time putting in the fridge.

Recipe of the fat in the hot brine, in the Bank


  • fat – 2.5 kg;
  • coarse salt – 150 g;
  • black pepper peas – 15-17 PCs.;
  • pepper sweet peas – 7-8 PCs.;
  • dry mustard – 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • ground red pepper – 1,5 tsp.;
  • garlic – 7-8 cloves;
  • cloves – 5-6 buds;
  • water – 2 liters.


This recipe is in demand more due to the fact that the fat is poured not chilled, and the hot brine. Fat is more soft, and prisalivaya it faster.

The fat is cut into convenient size and shape, and then it protrusive pieces of red ground pepper. Peeled garlic finely shinkuem in the form of petals. The number for our main product we take Сало в рассоле в банке - рецептto the Bank on three liters and rovnenko laid skin up a fat, prisypaya its periodically chopped garlic.

In the empty pan put all spices (except mustard), coarse sea salt and the Bay clean, drinking water set on the burner plate. After boiling the brine in it, stir dry mustard and pour it hot with all the spices in a bottle of our fat. Nylon cover with a lid and forget about it for a couple days, and after you can safely proceed to the tasting.

Storage of fat salted in brine according to any one of these recipes, it is better to make not in the Bank, and wrapped in plastic foil, in the freezer.

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