How to cook oatmeal?

Как приготовить овсяный кисель?

Kissel – a native Russian and to this day a beloved product. Only here until today, the recipe of the pudding came a recycled, starch-based. Now we will introduce you to the traditional and very useful oat drink.

How to cook a delicious oatmeal from Hercules?


  • oats – 1 Cup;
  • cream – 70 ml;
  • raspberries – 1 Cup;
  • honey – 1 tbsp.


Hercules placed in a container of volume 1 litre, topped up to the top with clean cold water and leave for at least 3 hours. After this time mingling the mixture with a blender and filter. Thus, we made oat milk, which in itself can be consumed and it is very useful. But we add raspberries to the milk, beat again with a blender and then pass again to a jelly don’t hit bone. Can be used instead of raspberries and other berries that you like. For a more delicate and creamy taste you can add cream and knead well. Further still liquid jelly cook to boil on a small fire, stirring constantly. When the jelly will brew it will be in consistency to resemble custard. Add the honey, well-kneaded, pouring in molds and leave to harden.

Recipe for making pudding oatmeal on the water


  • oat flakes – 80 g;
  • oat flour – 50 g;
  • water – 0,5 l;
  • sugar – 25 g;
  • lemon – ½ PC;
  • salt – a pinch;
  • butter – 50 g


If you did not have oat flour, you can make grinding the oatmeal in a coffee grinder. To prepare the leaven for the jelly, combine the cereal, flour and water, stir, cover with a towel and leave in warm for the night. Filter and the resulting liquid ferment. Cook on low heat, stirring add the salt and sugar. Don’t stop stirring will bring until thick and remove from heat. Boil the jelly not necessarily. For taste add the juice of half a lemon, mix up, and when serving you can put the Pat of butter.

How to cook oatmeal with kefir?


  • Hercules – 750 g;
  • yogurt – 1/3 Cup;


Cereal lightly grind in a coffee grinder or blender, pour into a clean three-liter bottle, you should get 1/3 of the bottle. Add the buttermilk and add to top of warm water, knead it with a wooden spoon, cover with lid and put in heat for 48 hours for fermentation. After this time, the leaven is stratified and appears sour smell. In a saucepan, filter the liquid and wash the remaining pulp for anotherКак приготовить овсяный кисель? two litres of water. All the liquid drain off and leave for 16 hours for settling. During this time the yeast will peel off and will need to carefully decant the upper clear liquid, will precipitate at the bottom. It is leaven. It can be stored in the fridge and during the week to cook fresh jelly. To do this, mix 3 tablespoons of yeast with 0.4 l of water and over low heat until thick weld. For taste you can add honey or oil, spices and salt.

Next, to prepare a new starter instead of kefir you can use ready-made ferment in the same amount.

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