Baby puree

Детское пюре

For those who prefer to regale her baby only homemade, hand-made with fishing lures, we will explain how to make at home baby puree.

Baby fruit puree

Most often for making baby puree using apples and pears because of their low allergenic properties. This fruit foods can give children, starting at 4-6 months. But do not forget that like any other product, new fruit should be administered in the diet of the child gradually, in small portions, starting with half a teaspoon.

To prepare a puree of apples or pears very carefully wash fruit, remove peel, stem and seed boxes, cut into small chunks and put in an enamel bowl. Pour a little purified water and protussive fruit on the fire of low intensity for about fifteen minutes. After that, blend the mass in a blender to obtain a puree or mash thoroughly with a fork or a pestle.

Alternatively, you can cook the fruit for a couple, and then grind them to a state of mashed potatoes, so will be even more useful.

Baby vegetable puree

Vegetable puree and fruit although inferior in taste, but much easier to digest the child’s body and less likely to cause undesirable effects. That is why to start complementary foods is worth it. The ideal vegetables for this purpose is zucchini and cauliflower or broccoli. Later you can try to enter the pumpkin, potatoes and green peas.

Vegetable puree is prepared by the same method as that of fruit. Can stew if necessary peeled and chopped vegetables in a small amount of water or cook them for a couple, and then punch in a blender or RUB through a sieve to obtain puree. If you are using as a raw material for puree the vegetables purchased, they must be soaked in cold water for several hours. For potatoes will take twelve hours, and the rest of the vegetables quite two hours.

In vegetable puree, you can add a little butter, but only if it allows the age of the child and you are sure that your baby tolerates this product.

Kids meat sauce at home — recipe


    • Turkey (fillet) – 100g;
    • carrots small – 1 PC.;

Детское пюре

  • milk – 75 ml;
  • butter (optional) – 5 g;
  • salt (if possible).


Turkey meat and carrots boil in different enameled vessels until cooked and soft. The Turkey will need about forty minutes to one hour, the carrots will be enough thirty minutes. After that grind the foods in a blender by adding boiled milk. If the child is older, you can add a little salt and butter.

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