How do males of sugar in tins?

Как делать петушки из сахара в формочках?

Of course, some idea, how to make candy out of sugar at home: it seems that there is nothing difficult to melt the sugar in a pan! But homemade candy is a small but very important secrets. They will be able to save you from the «adhesion» of the syrup to the pan, burning and crystallization of sugar. Let us consider in more detail how to make candy out of sugar at home.

The recipe is a male from sugar on a stick


  • sugar- 1 glass;
  • water – 1/3 Cup;
  • vinegar – ½ tsp.


Pour sugar into a small saucepan, pour the water and vinegar and put on low heat. Wait, when the sugar is completely dissolved and stir constantly so it doesn’t burn. Need to boil until transparent and Golden in color, but it is important not to overcook. The darker the caramel, the brighter will be felt the bitterness and burnt taste.

Add vinegar (Apple or grape), and for flavoring, you can drop a little essence. The form is pre-lubricated with vegetable oil, pour in the syrup and stick sticks (you can use toothpicks or skewers for shish kebabs). Once the caramel is frozen, homemade candies sugar ready!

At the end of cooking, do not forget to fill the bowl with water, otherwise you’ll have to spend a lot of time to get rid of the hardened caramel.

The fruit sugar from the end of the line


  • sugar – 2 cups;
  • fruit juice;
  • vinegar – 1 tsp.


Put the saucepan on low heat, pour sugar in there, add vinegar and juice. Juice will need so that it is wet and coated all the sugar. Not terrible if you miscalculated and poured a bit more juice than necessary. This will only affect the cooking time, the extra water will dry, and the taste and aroma will remain in caramel.

Sugar is heated to a liquid state. When the sugar has completely melted, cook it on low heat. Caramel is ready once the drop instantly froze when released into the water.

Pour it into molds, pre-greased and inserted the sticks.

But you can show a little imagination and please the households original figures. This wide and flat dishes (for example, inverted baking sheet) liberally lubricated with oil and with a spoon pour Как делать петушки из сахара в формочках?action figure: star, flower, sun, etc. etc. In the center of the figures put the wand and once again covered caramel. Once our product has cooled, gently use a thin knife to remove it from the pan.

So you’ve learned how to do the males of sugar in the molds, and how to make a fruit and figured the males of sugar using the minimum amount of time and stock your kitchen. Now you can treat sweets, both children and adults, because they also love lollipops. In the future, a good practice, you will learn how to cook at home cockerels and other unusual figures.

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