How to learn the password from Wi-Fi

Question about how to find your wifi password on Windows or on Android it occurs often enough on forums and in person with users. Actually, there’s nothing to it and in this article we will discuss all possible options of how to remember their own Wi-Fi password in Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10, and watch it not only for the active network, but for all saved wireless networks on your computer.

It will discuss the following situation: On one computer wifi connects automatically, that is, the password is saved and you want to connect another computer, tablet or phone; devices that connect over Wi-Fi no, but have access to the router. At the same time mention how to find out saved wifi password on Android tablet and phone. And the last way on how to know the password of all wifi networks stored on your PC or laptop with Windows, and not only active wifi network to which you are connected currently.

How to see saved wireless password

If Your laptop connects seamlessly to a wireless network, and does it automatically, it’s possible that you have forgot your password. This can cause understandable concerns in those cases when it is required to connect to the Internet a new device such as a tablet. Here’s what you should do in this case in different versions of Windows, also it has a separate method, which is suitable for all latest OS from Microsoft and allows you to view all saved Wi-Fi passwords.

How to find your wifi password on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1

Steps needed to view your password on a wireless Wi-Fi network is almost identical in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Also on the website there is a separate, more detailed instructions — How to view your Wi-Fi password in Windows 10.

First of all, you have to be connected to the network, the password from which you want to find out. Further steps are as follows:

  • Go to the control Center network and sharing. This can be done through the control Panel or in Windows 10, click on the connection icon in the notification area, click «Network settings», then under «Related settings» select «control Center network and sharing». In Windows 8.1 — right-click the mouse on the connection icon bottom right, select the desired menu item.
  • In the control center network and sharing center, under view your active networks you will see a list of wireless network connections connected at the moment. Click on its name.
  • In the window that appears, Wi-Fi status, click the «wireless network Properties» and in the next window, on the «Security» tab check «Show characters» button to see saved on the computer the password from the Wi-Fi.

That’s it, now you know your Wi-Fi password and can use it to connect other devices to the Internet.

There is also a faster option to do the same: press the Windows key + R and type in the Run dialog box ncpa.cpl (then press Ok or Enter), then click the right mouse button on the active connection the «Wireless network» and select «Status». Then use the third of the above steps to view the saved password of a wireless network.

To know the Wi-Fi password in Windows 7

  • On the computer that connects to wifi router via a wireless network, go to the control center network and sharing. For this you can click with the right button of the mouse on the connection icon bottom right of your Windows desktop and select the context menu item or find it in «control Panel» — «Network».
  • In the menu on the left click «Manage wireless networks» and in the pop-up list of saved networks, double-click on the desired connection.
  • Open the «Security» tab and tick «Show characters».

That’s it, now You are aware of the password.

View your wireless network password in Windows 8

Note: in Windows 8.1, the following method does not work, read here (or above, in the first section of this guide): How to know the Wi-Fi password in Windows 8.1

  • Go to the Windows 8 desktop on a computer or laptop that is connected to a Wi-Fi network, and click the left (standard) click on the wireless connection icon at the bottom right.
  • In the connections list that appears, select and then right-click, then select «View connection properties».
  • In the opened window open the tab «Security» and tick «Show characters». Ready!

How to know the password if it is not saved on the computer, but there is a direct connection to the router

Another possible version of events — if, after any failure, restore or reinstall Windows, no stored password for a Wi-Fi network is not left anywhere. In this case, will a wired connection to the router. Connect the LAN connector of the router to the socket of the network card of the computer and go into the router settings.

Login settings in the router such as IP address, the default username and password is usually written on its reverse side for a sticker with various service information. If you’re not sure how to take this information, read the article How to go into the settings of the router, which describes the steps for most popular brands of wireless routers.

Regardless of brand and model of your wireless router, whether D-Link, TP-Link, Asus, Zyxel or something else, get the password almost in the same place. For example (and, with this instruction you can not only set, but also to see the password): How to set password for wifi on D-Link DIR-300.

View Wi-Fi password in the router settings

If you can manage it, then going to the settings page wireless network router (Wi-Fi settings, Wireless), you can quite easily see a password for the wireless network. However, you may experience one problem when you log in to the web interface of the router: if at initial setup the password to enter the administration panel was changed, you will not be able to get there, and therefore see the password. In this case, the option remains is to reset the router to factory settings and re-configure it. This will help numerous instructions on this website that you will find here.

How to view saved wifi password on Android to find out your wifi password on your tablet or Android phone, you need to have root access to the device. If he’s available, then further action may look as follows (two options):

  • Using ES Explorer, Root Explorer or other file Manager (see Best file Manager Android), go to the folder data/ misc/ wifi and open a text file for wpa_supplicant.conf — in it in a simple understandable way the recorded data is saved wireless networks, which is specified psk, which is the Wi-Fi password.
  • Install from Google Play the app like Wifi Password (ROOT), which displays passwords saved networks.

Unfortunately, the way to view the saved data networks without Root is unknown to me.View all saved passwords on wifi in Windows with WirelessKeyView

The previously described ways to find your password on Wi-Fi only suitable for a wireless network, the currently active time. However, there is a way to see a list of all saved Wi-Fi passwords on your computer. This can be done using the free program WirelessKeyView. The utility works in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

Utility does not require installation on your computer and is a single executable file size of 80 KB (note that in VirusTotal, antivirus three react to this file as potentially dangerous, but apparently it is just about how to access data saved Wi-Fi networks).

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Immediately after the launch WirelessKeyView (requires run as Administrator), you will see a list of all saved on your computer or laptop password wireless Wi-Fi networks with encryption: displays the network name, the network key in hexadecimal representation and in plain text format.

Download free software to view wifi passwords on computer from the official website (downloads are at the bottom of the page, separately for x86 and x64 systems).

If for any reason the method above to view details of a saved wireless network settings in your situation was not enough, ask in the comments, I’ll answer.

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