How to download xinput1_3.dll from the official site

In this tutorial learn how download xinput1_3.dll the official website of Microsoft and install this file to your computer so that in the future this error will not disturb you, and why you should not download from strange sites. Below the instructions there is also a video about where to get original file xinput1_3.dll.

I guess when you start the game or application you see a message that the program start is impossible, as no xinput1_3.dll and look how to fix the error that occurred, or rather, how to download this file and where to save it. The error can appear on Windows 10, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 x64 bit and 32-bit versions. Typically, this error occurs when you run a relatively old games all latest version of Windows.

What is this file and what is it for

File xinput1_3.dll is a component of DirectX 9, namely Microsoft Common Controller API (used to communicate with a game controller in the game).

In the system this file can be placed in the folder Windows/System32 (for x86 and x64) and optionally Windows/SysWOW64 for 64-bit versions of the operating system; that is, if you have downloaded this file separately from a third-party website and do not know where or in what folder to throw it. However, I recommend to use the official website.

In Windows 7 and 8 and in Windows 10 by default, Microsoft DirectX already installed, but the version included with the OS contains only the main components (not the complete set) from the last supported version of DirectX (see DirectX 12 for Windows 10), hence the error xinput1_3.dll is missing on your computer as preinstalled components previous versions of the libraries in the system default no..

How to download free xinput1_3.dll from the Microsoft website

To install the specified file on the computer you can just go to the official Microsoft website and free to download him DirectX (web installer for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7), and once you install it, the file xinput1_3.dll will appear in the right folders on the PC and registered in Windows.

Why don’t need to download this file separately from third-party sources? — Because, even if it is the original file, it is likely you will have new errors, as rarely any game from DirectX need only xinput1_3.dll most likely you will see that no additional necessary files to run. This method allows you to install them all at once.

Official web installer DirectX you can take at this address: Note that the address of the page on the official site recently was changed several times, so if you open something else, try searching on the Microsoft website.

When installing, the installer will check any files are missing on the computer and install them automatically, in the process you will be able to see what are those files, including xinput1_3.dll which system most often reports that the file is missing.

After downloading all the components and install them in Windows, the file appears where it should be. However, in order for the error when starting xinput1_3.dll missing disappeared, you may have to restart your computer.

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How to download xinput1_3.dll video

Well, in the end of the manual in which the entire process of downloading the specified file and all others as may be necessary to run a relatively old game,it is shown clearly.

If you require the file separately

If you want download file xinput1_3.dll separately, on the Internet there are many sites offering to do it. However, try to choose those that are credible.

After downloading place the file in the Windows folder I mentioned above and, most likely, the error will disappear (though it likely will be some new). To register the downloaded file on your system, you may need to run as administrator, the regsvr32 command xinput1_3.dll in the Run window or command prompt.

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