Perennials: pretty and unpretentious

The number one question from the hardworking modern day might perhaps be: «How to make your garden spectacular, bright and at the same time to give him a little time?» Here’s a list of perennials that will help to satisfy this condition.

Малоуходный цветник - это реально

You will need

  • Delenki (small pieces of rhizome with buds) of the following plants:
  • — day-Lily;
  • — the herbaceous peony;
  • — Catnip;
  • — forest sage;
  • — Phlox paniculata;
  • host;
  • — geyhera;
  • — the astilbe.


1. Daylilies are considered the most unpretentious of the entire list. While it is extremely beautiful and undemanding to soil, fertilizing and watering. Magnificent varieties — from white shades to deep purple. Height from 30 to 100 cm.
The location is Sunny. The treatment is to remove the faded inflorescences in summer and pre-winter pruning. Shelter for the winter not needed.


2. Herbaceous peony — a classic of our gardens. It is desirable to select three classes — early, middle and posdecode, then to admire them will be almost a month. Looks great in composition, and as accent plants in the middle of the lawn.
In a Sunny location. Care — fertilizing and winter pruning.

Пион Александр Флемминг

3. Catnip is rarely found in gardens, although it is a wonderful dolgoletie plant, tender blue cloud covering the flower-garden from June to August. You can plant a couple of varieties — lower (30-40 cm) and higher (50-80 cm).
Goes perfectly with all varieties of roses, is thus appropriate in the rose garden.
Care does not require. Sun or partial shade.

Котовник на переднем плане

4. Sage forest (forest) is also great harmonizes with roses and other flowers in the flower bed. Its slender inflorescence candles (white, pink, lilac, purple) long adorn the garden. The treatment is to trim buds and adding ground to the base of the Bush in autumn.

Шалфей Rose Qveen

5. Phlox paniculata — «grandma» flower, beloved by many generations of gardeners. It is easy to share and take root, blossoming richly and vividly. Treatments requires special preparations in diseases (rainy summer) and fertilizing in the spring and before flowering. In a Sunny location.

 Флокс Blue Paradise

6. Host — dekorativnolistvennye plants, which is combined with all of the above. There are many varieties with small leaves and huge yellow, green and even blue shades. Looks great in any flower garden, a rose garden with established conifers and shrubs.
Unpretentious, grows on the sun and in partial shade.


7. Geyhera is another plant with beautiful foliage that will decorate any song and give a head start even flowering plants. Growing in full sun and partial shade, it is surprisingly unpretentious, does not need fertilizing, tolerates drought. Care is in the autumn adding ground to the base of the Bush, lest he be frozen.

У гейхеры множество красивых сортов

8. The astilbe is a very effectivetime plant, which loves moisture and shade. There are varieties of miniature (20 cm) to very high (150 cm), from white to deep Burgundy, — for every taste. Requires a minimum of attention — adding ground to the roots and watering in the period of moisture deficit.

Астильба - красавица без капризов

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