How to choose the right home for the plant?

You decided to decorate your home potted plants. But before you go for buying in a flower shop or ask friends sprout any instance, you need to decide whether you are ready to take responsibility for them. Because indoor plants, like all living things, require care, daily attention, time for watering, transplanting, pruning, fertilizing. And no one will bring pleasure to observe, as pales, withers, and eventually dies a living organism.

Комнатные растения. Мы выбираем...

So, you are determined to have another pet, then decide what kind of plant should appear in your home. To navigate in all their diversity and to choose the right plants, it is necessary to consider their requirements for lighting conditions of a location, temperature and humidity. Taking all this into account, as well as their preferences, choose.

If you want to create a cosiness, to focus and to revitalize the interior is quite spacious room, it is best to use large, solitary, ornamental foliage plants in outdoor tanks (palm, Croton, monstera, dieffenbachia) or flowering (Camellia, hibiscus, gardenias). Look great curly or ampelnye plants in hanging pots, shelves, or cabinets — tsissusy, asparagus, tradescantia, ivy.


Well, if you won certain flowering (violet, pelargonium, fuchsia, gloxinia, cyclamen) or decorative foliage (begonia, calathea, Maranta, bromeliads) and you want to grow them, the best place is the sills, special tables or shelves near the Windows.

If you are rarely home, it is better to choose hardier plants that do not require daily care — sansevieria, dracaenas, agaves, aspidistra.

In a small room and plants it is better to choose compact — acalypha, crotons, spatifillum, or use a table arrangement of cacti and other succulents (Crassulaceae, Euphorbia, groundsel).

Once the choice is made and the plant brought into the house, during the first two weeks is its adaptation to room conditions. Therefore it is not necessary Novoselov at this time disturb — to transplant, to feed and to move from place to place.

We are enjoying raising our Pets, care for them, observe how they are blooming and prettier. And the plants, in turn, give us great pleasure to communicate with them, help relieve tension and improve the microclimate.

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