What to plant in March-April on the seedlings

The seedlings were healthy and strong, it is very important not to lose with time of sowing of certain crops. As for each crop time from sowing to early planting in the ground varies considerably, and pick-up time may not coincide. The following are guidelines planting all kinds of vegetables and flower seedlings for the Central part of Russia.

Что посадить в феврале на рассаду

Sweet pepper

The most suitable time for sowing sweet pepper in Central Russia — mid-late March (depending on weather conditions). The germination in this culture appear 10-14 days, and after 60 days plants can postpone transplanting in the open ground. For sowing seeds directly into open ground the best time is beginning of June. It must be remembered that the pepper is very delicate culture, and she does not tolerate heavy soil and remove side shoots.

Early maturing cabbage

The most appropriate planting time is mid-late March. During this period, seedlings can also be planted and other varieties of cabbage: cauliflower, broccoli. Seedlings after planting cabbage appear on the fifth day. Transplant in the open ground can be realized after 50 days. 20-25 may is the ideal period for planting seeds in the greenhouse. Late April is the time for sowing mid-season and late-maturing cabbage. The planting of these crops can be produced after 50-60 days.


Eggplant seedlings in the Central part of Russia it is best to plant in early April. The germination of this culture can be seen after 10-12 days, later, the same 50-55 days, the plants can be transplanted into the open ground. Planting in the greenhouse can be done in early June. To seedlings of eggplant was strong, before planting it is important to neutralize the seeds. To do this, make a weak solution of manganese acid and place the seeds half an hour.


The tomato seedlings are best planted in the first week of April. Germination can be expected seven days after planting. Transplant in open ground after 45-50 days. This culture is very demanding to light, so that seedlings are not stretched, you give her proper lighting.


Cucumber seedlings grow quite fast, from the date of planting before planting in open ground it takes about 30 days. From the above we conclude that the end of April 25-27 numbers are the most suitable for sowing this crop.


The optimal sowing — after April 25. Landing in a greenhouse is best done after 30-35 days. Sowing directly in open ground — 10-15 June.

What flowers to plant seedlings in March-April

At the beginning of March you can sow most annual crops, for example, Petunia, delphinium, asters, milkweed fringed, Daisy, lion’s pharynx, anemone, and the scent etc., and those colors that do not have time to plant before. In mid and late March can be sown the Kochia, Lobelia, ageratum, alissum, Salvia, arctotis, gatsaniyu, gillyflower, Coleus, Helichrysum, as well as many perennials.

In April for planting good fast-growing heat-loving crops. These include marigolds, zinnias, nasturtium, amarantha, balsam of Balzaminov, and annual chrysanthemum.

If it happened that some seeds germinate poorly (which often happens when growing them at home), don’t worry. After all the wonderful seedlings that can be grown in a greenhouse. Particularly well sprout in the greenhouse seeds Iberica, the zinnias, godetia, ageratum, marigolds, Phlox.

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