Article directories as a method of promotion

Way to promote by posting articles to free directories, enjoys a rather high popularity among webmasters. And indeed, this is one way of obtaining the most cheap links. Such directories are open and anyone can get a link back without much effort, just write a suitable feature article and placing a link back. As for the article, take a very fast and absolutely free. Besides the references in the texts are considered very high quality that is required for a successful search engine promotion.

Каталоги статей как метод продвижения

To benefit from this method of promotion you need to start to write a good feature article. In this case, you should review the rules of posting articles in directories. Many of them have restrictions on the subject and volume, so you need to follow these rules if you want your article accepted into the catalog and published.

If writing articles is difficult, it is better to order them on the exchange of freelancing. Good articles are not cheap, and on independent writing texts have to spend a lot of time and effort. The process can be accelerated considerably if we use the reproduction of texts with the help of special programs. This method is the fact that thanks to the synonyms can be obtained from one of text few, and each one will be unique, which is so essential for search engine optimization.

Typically the volume of articles should range from 1500 to 5000 characters depending on the directory. Few allows to publish short articles also for search engine optimization is much more useful to post longer articles. Therefore it is better to write texts from 2500 characters.

Alternatively, you can write a great article for your website, and then create a shorter version in 2000 characters, to multiply it and send it to different article directories open. Thus solving several problems at once, and because the site is updated with content, and outside links are stepped up. Such a short note, the meaning is very suitable, because after reading the short version in the directory people probably want to see the full option and click on the link to the promoted website.

Most article directories have the requirements and to outgoing links. So, for example, are generally permitted to post the article three links. And some have certain requirements and density of links, for example, not more than one link for every five hundred characters. Based on these calculations and need to place back links in your texts and try not to break the rules, because quite frustrating to get the refusal to publish the articles.

As for quality links, it all depends on the quality of the article directory and the article itself. The higher the uniqueness of the article than it is literate, the more value it brings. Moreover there is no point to place the text of the illiterate, because it will cast a shadow on the reputation of the promoted website. Well, article directories are also to be chosen based on their popularity. It makes no sense to post articles where few people or at the site, which is under the filters of search engines.

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