How to start create a website?

At the heart of any business is the idea, and the creation of a website is no exception. Before you start to create a project, answer a question – what for? The answer to this question and should form the basis for the creation of the project.

С чего начать создание сайта?

It can be anything – a sale of goods or services, entertainment portal, presentation of the company’s image – so long as the purpose of the online resource was well established.

Now you need to choose the hosting and the server. Server rental will provide the desired traffic and Internet speed. The resource must work and bring profit, then his work should be smooth and stable. Exactly rent the server and will be able to provide.

Now let’s create the project structure. Write down all your ideas so as not to miss anything important. The standard structure contains pages with information about the company, corporate news, product catalog and contact information.

Simultaneously with the creation of the menu structure match the future site. Psychologists have found that once the average person can handle no more than seven information items. Try to keep your menu does not exceed 7 points. If I had to fit all of the sections in this number does not work, do a hierarchical list. But the hierarchy should not exceed three levels. If you want the project to reflect more of the sections, it is better to create additional resources, linking them with the main hyperlinks.

The next stage is the filling of project information or content. Remember that search engines treat only unique texts. So insert in your resource an obvious rip-off will not give you the desired flow of visitors. The style of the texts should correspond to the main idea of the site, the entire site should be designed in the same style – both in terms of lyrics and in terms of design.

Take care about the convenience of your visitors: they must be able to print out important information, such as your contact details. Think about hosting options feedback form.

The final stage will be creating the design of the website. Logically, if the website design will be designed in a single corporate style. This will increase brand awareness and will bring together a real company and its virtual reflection. You can use standard templates, but it will not encourage your company from among similar. Better to create your own layout.

All the stages of website development are completed, you can run the finished site on the world wide web.

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