How to choose cream for the face with SPF

Sunny days give us joy and… wrinkles, say beauticians. Ultraviolet rays have a detrimental effect on delicate facial skin, so you need to take care of its protection.

Как выбрать крем для кожи лица с SPF

Sunscreen saves skin from sun rays, moisturizes and promotes even tan. Also the cream with SPF signs of aging and helps to prevent skin cancer.

When buying a cream, remember that the higher the SPF, the better the tool protects the skin. The level of protection is from 2 to 50 units. The most popular are the sunscreen cream with an SPF of 10-15, these are suitable for almost everyone.

People with very light skin, light eyes and hair need a good defense, as they instantly get a sunburn. Hence, it is recommended to use tools with a protection level not lower than 40. Also not advisable to use oils for tanning, they would aggravate the sunburn.

Fair-skinned people with brown eyes suit cream with SPF 20-30 units.

If you have dark hair and eyes, but fair skin (the most common for our country type), the skin needs protection, but less intense. A tool with a level of protection SPF 10-15 will be the best option.

People with dark skin practically never get a sunburn, but it does not mean that the skin is not exposed to UV light (though to a much lesser extent than light-skinned). For them to fit cream with SPF 6-8.

The cream should be applied to clean, dry skin 20-30 minutes before sun exposure (can be applied over the usual day cream). During the day, you need to update cream.

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