Beautiful names for girls

In recent years more and more parents give their children rare and unusual names to emphasize the individuality of his child. If you are ready to become parents and girls want to call her beautiful and original name, then it is advisable to familiarize yourself with some embodiments.

Красивые имена для девочек

Amelia (Amelie). Since childhood, Amelia exhibits traits such as prudence, calmness and diligence. Outwardly, Amelia more like his father, and internal quality, as a rule, inherits from the mother. Due to liability and strict self-discipline, Amelia knows how to plan your day so always time for all of them. In the professional field Amelia reach great heights and often holds a senior position. The owner of this beautiful and mysterious name has no shortage of male attention. A husband chooses an older man, because the peers are of particular interest. Amelia loves her children and takes an active part in their development.

Bella. The name Bella (Bella) has Latin roots and means «beautiful», «lovely». The main characteristics of this name include uncompromising integrity, impulsivity, and sociability. Bella encouraged to choose a profession in accordance with their innate talents. The owners of this name developed sense of rhythm, hearing and speech, so they make excellent dancers, musicians, poets and writers. Girls with this name have a very attractive appearance, so you can easily win the heart of any man. A good housewife Bella is difficult to call, cooking and cleaning are her last. No demolitori often causes conflict with her husband. Bella loves Their children, care and tenderness she gives to her baby, completely cover its: favorable climate in the economy.

Bertha. Little Bertha is growing restless and Moody, doesn’t like to play with their peers, preferring the company of adults. Growing up, Bertha becomes arrogant, conceited and boastful person. The owner of this name I adore to be the center of attention, I love to wear bright and provocative outfits. Bertha is very responsible, responsible, patient and conflicti. Such qualities make them excellent performers, although they are not averse to command. Berta ideal profession Secretary, critic, teacher, pediatrician, librarian and nurse. Bertha is very amorous, but once married, it becomes a faithful wife.

Gloria.From the Latin name Gloria is translated as «happiness» and «glory». Childhood sweetheart Gloria, sociable, smiley and smart girl. The nature of The adult Gloria is a very complex and contradictory: she is independent, inquisitive, talented and energetic, but at the same time quick-tempered and self-contained woman. The owners of this sonorous and vigorous name are more suitable for creative professions (journalist, actress, critic, teacher, translator, teacher, artist, etc.). In family life, Gloria is rarely happy, as tend to choose their husbands bright, but perfect Adamovicevo man. The windy nature lover, which initially attracted the attention of Gloria, gradually begins to irritate.

Darina. Little Darina is growing sociable, active and cheerful child. She enjoys every moment and loves to play with other children. The school has good, but lacks perseverance. Adult Darin is a good worker, although not experiencing to their work. To perform its obligations Darina takes seriously and responsibly, but managerial positions is extremely rare. Darina character a little flighty and unpredictable. A girl with that name has great looks and loves to flirt. To her chosen is very demanding, she’s always jealous and mad at him over nothing. If the husband earns well Darina, she gladly becomes a housewife.

Yesenia. A girl with this name growing very good, friendly and helpful child. School Yesenia learns well, she succeeds in all subjects, participates actively in extracurricular activities and attends various clubs and sections. With age, the nature Esenia does not vary much. She is as kind and friendly to people. Despite his gentle nature, Yesenia is a natural leader, so in any field is quickly moving up the career ladder and occupy a leadership position. Married Yesenia comes out late enough, she must first complete College, find good jobs and achieve financial stability. Marriage has become a caring wife and a good housekeeper, her house is always clean and cozy.

Zlata. Little Zlata calm and sensible for his age. Zlata at school studies well, but the behavior suffers from bad perseverance. Adult Zlata enjoys spending time with friends, but kept apart. A girl with this name lean and economical, rarely borrows money, even if experiencing serious financial difficulties. Zlata does not tolerate monotonous and boring work, it fit the creative profession where you can Express their imagination (TV presenter, journalist, actress, artist, writer, etc.). Zlata has an attractive appearance, has a lot of fans, but to get married late. In family life Zlata becomes a good wife and an excellent hostess.

Maya. Since childhood Maya has a kind disposition and a bad temper. The girl grows up narcissistic and capricious. However, the child with the same name are well-developed and strong-willed leadership qualities. With age, the nature of Maya does not change, it remains strong, vibrant and impulsive personality. Thanks to the strong leadership and solid character Maya is becoming a great leader. The owners of this beautiful name, are a natural flirt, so constantly surrounded by attention of men. Getting married only when experiencing strong feelings to her beloved. Maya is very jealous, so often violently arguing with her lover in front of strangers. Maya loves children and is paying great importance to their education. It is easy to cope with responsibilities at home, able to cook and create a cosiness in the house.

Miroslav. Miroslav grows capricious and persistent child. At school she often argues with teachers that has a negative impact on its ratings. Miroslav communicate more with boys and may even fight with them. With age, the nature of Miroslava is more relaxed, she stops to argue over nothing and knows how to listen to the interlocutor. From Miroslava highly developed intuition, which helps her succeed. The owner of this beautiful name opinionated, so it is impossible to convince or to persuade to his side. Miroslav is a natural leader, likes to dominate other people. Married Miroslav is coming late. She does not like to do household chores, but the mess in the house will not tolerate.

Stefania. Little Stefania is closed and uncommunicative. The girl with The same name has an analytical mind and excellent memory, she is a good student in school, but a special thrust for knowledge not experience. Growing up, Stephanie is becoming a strong and independent personality. She is very demanding of others, intolerant of others ‘ shortcomings. In professional work for her, the main thing is recognition. This desire often causes resentment among colleagues. Family life is structured differently. If Stefania will be able to overcome his pride, the relationship with her husband will be good. If Stefania will not be able to subdue your character, something about a family gathering you can forget.

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