How to choose a profession for your character

It is very important that the chosen profession was not only a decent income, but also joy and pleasure. It turns out that to make the right choice, you need to know the type of his temperament.

Как выбрать профессию по темпераменту

Profession for the choleric. Choleric are born leaders. They can establish contacts and to win. Choleric is very stress-resistant, quickly involved in the new work, not afraid of change. In people with this temperament type is always a lot of new ideas and unquenchable interest in the work. But the choleric is abhorrent monotonous and repetitive operations, they need the emotional support to maintain the health.

Profession for melancholic. Melancholic love studying every detail and the keen observation and thoroughness helps them in their chosen profession. The work of the melancholic must contain a minimum of communication, so they feel more comfortable. Melancholic successful in professions related to technology and architecture.

Occupations for sanguine. The sanguine is not terrible either physical or mental work. Their performance does not depend on external factors, which allows the sanguine to be realized successfully in many professions. Much success sanguine will be able to achieve in the service sector, as well as he can become a good leader.

Profession for phlegmatic. Phlegmatic — the real record for efficiency. They can be a long and qualitatively to perform monotonous work. Calm phlegmatic helps him to calmly analyze the situation and make a decision. Phlegmatic excellent administrators, they are able to support workflows in a stable condition.

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