Why bosses like «not those»?

When we come to a new place of work, we are very eager to please the staff, especially the boss. But nothing special in the behavior of no, the same rules that accompanied you at University or school.

Почему начальники любят «не тех»?

Very often, the authorities already have their favorites and they indulge them in everything, allowed to do what, for example, you are not allowed to do. Trump and the employees in turn are proud and brag.

What to do to gain the credibility of the administration?

Despite the fact that the chief was in love with someone and he has his circle of favourites, you too can become part of the chosen society.

Always come earlier. Even for 5 minutes, but the fact that you come before, will not remain without attention. The chiefs will definitely pay attention to it. And no one will understand, you came half an hour earlier or two minutes. No one will appreciate your delay at work, because there is a perception that, if there are, then bad worked the whole day.

Always smile and be friendly with everybody. Just let your smile be sincere, and false sincerity immediately noticeable. But if you had come in sooner, and will meet a boss with a sincere smile and wish a good day, consider that you have won a one-star authority.

If at meetings raises the question of who to charge something, immediately hiding behind, not given to excess jobs. But you be a volunteer a couple of hours detainees are worthless, and unnecessary praise from his superiors not hurt.

Learn to thank. Always say «thank you» to my colleagues, and, of course, the chief.

Even if the work does not bring you much pleasure, try to show that you are very passionate about the process and you are interested.

This is a very simple rules, proper implementation of which will help you to win the respect of his superiors. You can very quickly become a pet of the boss and be in your favourites.

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