17 components of happiness

At school everyone remembers the phrase that all happy families resemble each other. Of course, this proposal was followed by Tolstoy is a sad story, but if we put aside the details and concentrate on happiness, you can think. What really unites happy people? Secrets not so much. Only 17 small principles, and you too will be able to identify themselves with happy people.

Стать счастливий

1. Do not think about the past. Let go of serious thoughts and regrets, think more about the present.

2. Learn to answer for themselves. To not feel like someone is poisoning your life, learn independence and ability to choose for myself. So nobody will have to blame their failures, and life will become much easier.

3. Learn to build relationships. It’s not easy but love is hard work.

4. Locate a hobby. Daily little joy from any, even primitive classes that are able to drastically change everyday life.

5. Choose your path. Decide what you strive for in life, go on it according to their principles.

6. Do not worry about others. Live your life for yourself and without any fear not to justify someone’s hopes.

7. Define the goals. Be happier great help implementing any plans.

8. Rejoice in the moment. Thanks to life for every little thing seriously facilitates the existence.

9. Learn to think more positive. Life without the sad thoughts always brighter.

10. Learn to create, right on the failures is simply not enough time.

11. Don’t wait. To start on Monday, with the first number and all that jazz – not tactics.

12. Find yourself something new.

13. Believe in your talents. To start, try at least to open them.

14. Do not pay attention to minor annoyances.

15. Don’t overestimate yourself, to make it easier to survive failures.

16. Learn how to make other people happy.

17. Soperezhivat. Dedication – is the surest path to happiness, in contrast to selfishness and isolation.

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