How to get along spouses of different temperaments

Sanguine and melancholic. This is one of the most harmonious relationships. They are both fully satisfied with the marriage and are considered the perfect couple. Family life, the melancholic and the sanguine is quiet and conflict-free.

Как ладят супруги с разными темпераментами

Choleric and sanguine. These couples often struggle over power and compete with each other in everything. Everyone insists on and it is difficult to reach a compromise, so one of them has to live with the decision.

Melancholic and phlegmatic. Not always satisfying, but fairly stable relationships. But, despite the difficulties, phlegmatic and melancholic are able to form positive relationships in the family.

Choleric and melancholic. I like this pair very difficult relationship. Both spouses are vulnerable, unrestrained in speech and behavior. They are very upset about all the conflicts and think hurt his pride. This combination of temperaments produces a heavy relationship.

Phlegmatic and sanguine. These people are very close emotionally, but it does not save them from conflict. The couple often arguing with varying degrees of success.

The same temperament. Such relationships are considered the most difficult of all. Very often there are tears and stains as early in a relationship, and after a few years of marriage. No wonder people are of the opinion that opposites attract, but similar, on the contrary, are repelled.

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